Hunt for Beach Paradise

The original title for this page, as I was on a year long quest across South East Asia to find a property I could develop into a resort. A burning dream. When I stumbled on the beautiful area of the Philippines.

I started masterminding that I could arrange connections with local fishermen to take tourists from one island to another, always a different fisherman from one destination to another.

My beautiful wife I met along the way on my journeys.

I bought portable solar panels and set myself up in the beautiful and tranquil Sibaltan for a journey of exploration through the 52 islands in the area. Once I was ready to go, I was given the contact to one fisherman who could take me to my first destination, Pical Island.

We drank heavily together, I told him my plan to walk across his island to the next village and find another fisherman there. He said there is practically nothing to see in that village and asked me to join him instead, as he was headed anyway to another island, Linapacan.

I later found out that he was the Captain of Pical Island, owned a hotel, many boats, and had to go to Linapacan once a month for business purposes.

I stayed at a hotel and quickly made friends with his best friend there and who also owns a boat. He suggested I stick around for a while and that he could take me around to the many islands over the weekend. This allowed me to continue with my online work during the week and in comfort.

The hotel owner later informed me he owns property on several nearby islands. He took me there and I immediately fell in love. Built a bamboo hut, worked off solar for a couple of years and started developing a makeshift resort on paradise island. My dream came true, but the boat tours business was easier and more lucrative. Eventually I married and now we are on a quest to develop a resort elsewhere, this time on property we own.

The quest is still on and the adventure exhilarating, but this story of my quest has ballooned into a sitemap for all we know of the Philippines, where we have explored, info on our boat tour services, and at the bottom the story of my life, which one day I hope to put down into a book. Life is an adventure!

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Story of my life


This following section is a compilation of different chapters of my life, and each page has a link at the bottom pointing to the next page and looks like this (at the moment work in progress):

Start of the book: A Gypsy is Born

Treeplanting escapades in Canada before leaving for Europe.

My life in Prague.

Grew tired of Prague and officially caught the travel bug, now to turn dream into reality.

The first Euro trip turned into a second. The travel bug entrenches.

Let’s take this a step further for a multi month trip in van from Vancouver to Mexico!

My five years of travel through Europe in a camper van

Stories of a Travel Goof

My Thailand pages

Original plans for this site

Instigation to Finding the Dream Paradise Beach Island

A New Tease: Kitesurfing Paradise

A change of tack? – Community-Wide Eco Aspirations

And kitesurfing it is! – startup costs only $600.

Getting Set Up – and letter to mom with more details – and an invitation to the Hash House Harriers with update to mom – planning construction of the first hut

Second shopping spree – main hut and first kiteboard on its way

Party in Manila, Ozzie brings 2 kiteboards

Move to another island, and Update letter to mom – First Kitesurfing Lesson and Rekindling of Old Online Business

Heading back to the island

Owner Who What?

Some ventures off the island

Successful kitesurfing at last!

Five months of development

Five months of rain, typhoons, bugs and misery

Finally met the property’s caretaker!

The high season is a success

The shit finally hits the fan

On the road again

Opening bank accounts in North America (required for my business here)

Start of a new big chapter, end of an old

Last months in the Philippines

Researching about self-sustaining technologies for our eco concept

How to set up off grid electrical system

While building this resort I even tried to start an Annual music festival

Visa extension and requirements for the Philippines

Wedding vow to wife: take her around the world and start a Wanderlusting Family

My wife’s experiences of world and local travels.

Covid hit, resulting in a crazy trip around the world.

Wife is my new partner in this business, but sparks can certainly fly!

Synopsis pdf letters to friends

2002 since I started traveling in Europe until the end of 2022, twenty years blast

Synopsis of 2023

This page in Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese (Traditional Chinese)

But even while traveling and raising a family, we continue to serve our customers for the boat tours I started while building the nature camp above. This is now our primary source of income.

Experience the thrill of island hopping in the Philippines

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    I am interested to come on your island to practice kite surfing on beginning of February.
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    Do you have instructor?
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