And kitesurfing it is!

The community development was a nice idea, but after spending a year dreaming about starting, I decided I didn’t want to wait for others and just start building. If the kiting beach will not work out, I have other options, although they will be more difficult – mostly because there is no mobile signal for internet, or water on those islands.

I crossed my fingers, hired a boat and went out to check if there was a mobile signal for internet. The last time I was there I forgot to check, until the owner reminded me on the way back. By then there was no signal at all, and he mentioned it was the other mobile operator anyway. So this time around I came equipped with a sim card from the other operator, resolute to give it one last go.

No signal at all. Fortunately, the female translator happened to have a sim card for the first operator and confirmed a full signal. Thank goodness, because it did not occur to me to bring the sim card I had brought the first time around (I guess there was no signal the first time around because of our relative position on the island as we were heading back).

In any case, full signal will be excellent for internet, and now for a bit of exploration, since I already hired the boat:

As you will see from the above video, snorkeling is excellent on the other side of the island. And good news that our ocean-facing side with all the wind does not have any coral reefs, so no need to worry about kiting and windsurfing boards chopping up nature.

I confirmed with the owner that everything is okay and off I go to Puerto Princesa for another two month visa extension and a major shopping trip:

How to build an eco resort for $600

This is the bare bones initial investment, but enough to become operational. To this I can add my existing assets, which is a tent for myself, 3 portable solar panels at 60W each, and a viola to play around the campfire.

Planned purchases for the future include:

  • guitar, plastic drum and other instruments for the campfire in the evenings
  • more tents
  • kitesurfing and windsurfing boards (I will ask arriving guests or volunteers if they can bring some – I will pay them on arrival – since nothing of the sort is on sale around here)
  • volleyball setup, snorkeling equipment, hammocks
  • tons of booze for resale
  • multi-coloured led lights for the new bar and other appropriate candy

I also got the idea to build a workout gym from bamboo – gymnastics oriented (chinups, parallel bars, perhaps rings hanging from a coconut tree). Have been suffering a slow decline in physical shape since I left Prague 9 years ago and will be great to start moving again. The construction, jungle trail building and surfing will be very welcome alone, but the bamboo gym will be a nice bonus.

Since I plan to include healing services in the deal, I think the sports element will only be complimentary. The countdown begins before construction!

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