Multi-language affiliate program

Business has been growing steadily and we are now ready to enter language markets other than English. Your task as a translator would be to translate the below letter into your language and then, according to my instructions, approach travel websites in your language with my offer.

If you are interested in this position, please send an email to [email protected] with “other language affiliate program” in the subject and state your per word and hourly rate in USD (payment by paypal only).

You are certainly welcome to join the affiliate program as well if you so choose.

Letter to translate:


subject:  advertising on your website

To whom it may concern.

One of our affiliates has already earned $700 for the months of December, 2018 and January, 2019.

For two years I have been organising boat tours between two popular tourist destinations in the Philippines: Coron and El Nido. More details at

Our prices are much lower than the competition, for which reason we are able to offer a commission of about $100 per sale to others, while still keeping competitively priced. I also plan to expand to other parts of the country, starting with Cebu.

The way it works is that customers are guided to the form at

where they are given an instant quote based on how many days they want to book a tour, which route and how many people. If you’d like to test it please use your first name following by “testing”.

With the affiliate program, it would be strange to link directly to that form from your website without an explanation, for which reason I have created a promo page explaining everything, without any outbound links to my other pages. The promo page would be

where “a” following the question mark near the end stands for “affiliate”. Number 5 is me, so you can use that for testing. If you are interested in this affiliate program, I would simply create an account for you with a different number. Your record in the database would state your commission price (usually 5,000pesos or about $100), your name and your email.

When a customer fills in the form with your special code on the end, the price quoted to them would include your commission, and once they press submit, you would receive an email notification showing a copy of their submission.

After that I look for a boatman and send them a second letter instructing them to pay the deposit in order to reserve the boat. The deposit would include your commission.

Once they pay the deposit I would send them a third letter with the contact details to the boatman and more detailed instructions regarding their tour. You would also receive a blind copy of this email and which would inform you that you have earned your commission. Note that I receive all payments by paypal, so it would be best if you have the same. I can help you set one up if you need.

Once you have earned your commission, I would like to hold onto it until the tour is completed. The deposit (which includes your commission) is there for several reasons: one, as our income if all goes well; two, in case the weather is too rough and either the coastguards shut down all the boats or the boatman feels it is too dangerous, it is returned back to the customer; and three, if the customer does not show up it would be used to pay for the boatman’s gas costs if they had to go a long way to pick them up. But usually my own commission would suffice to cover the latter, so we could discuss how to deal with it if this ever occurred, but the last two alternatives are very rare and almost always everything runs smoothly and the customer is very happy. You can check out reviews of our service here:

Let me know if you’d be interested in something like this and I’ll set up an account for you so that you can begin testing.

If you’d like some sort of banner or picture pointing to the promo page, you can use the BOOK TOUR NOW button at

or I can make you something else.

If you own a blog in another language, perhaps you could translate the webpage

or use that content, which I wrote myself. The pictures are also mine, so you can use those.

ALTERNATIVELY, some prefer to receive a flat monthly etc payment for such banner ads or links. In this case I would add a commission price on the tours to cover the costs, keep the commission for myself, and then reduce the commission rate to zero once this has been covered. In such a case I’d prefer to see some stats on how many pageviews a particular page gets.

Thank you, Karel

We are a family operation managing private custom boat tours in the beautiful Palawan area, and are happy to help travelers with their plans through the country, having traveled a lot of it ourselves and planning to visit it all.


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