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    Affiliate program for boat tours and other services

    This affiliate program was set up primarily for our boat tour services: for which we are offering a 20% referral rate, meaning you would get up to $500 dollars for every sale. But we plan to expand our site and services throughout this country, which with its more than 7,000 paradise beach islands and English as an official language, seems destined to become a top tourist hotspot in the world. For this purpose we use a plugin which logs the path a visitor takes in our site before it fills in a contact form, anywhere on our site. This way, once a visitor lands on an affiliate entry page, s/he…

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    Don’t miss the jewels between the travel hot spots of El Nido and Coron

    When one goes on a vacation, they often want to escape the regular hustle bustle of their busy lives and the worries of work. So you cram in as much as possible during your two or more week vacation, to get your money’s worth. But once you arrive at your destination and get used to the laid back lifestyle, with its endless island beaches and crystal clear waters, your hectic pace adjusts and you develop a greater appreciation for the relaxing moments and breathtaking nature. Rather than taking the three hour fast ferry between the tourist hot spots of El Nido and Coron, a good idea is to take a…

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    How traveling can expand your horizons

    Traveling is more than seeing pretty places and taking lots of photos. Just ask anyone who has moved a bit in his or her life, and you will see that everyone learns something in their travels. It does not have to be something of utmost importance. It can be very small and insignificant. But no matter where you go and how often you travel, such experiences will expand your horizons. As you can imagine, I am not referring to literal horizons. But you will see how a single trip have life-altering effects, while multiple trips can teach you almost nothing. You will meet better people than yourself If you are…