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Introduction to Linapacan, 52 islands between Coron and El Nido
Private Tours
Getting to Borneo

Introduction to Linapacan, 52 islands between Coron and El Nido

Linapacan is a beautiful area off the beaten path and about half way between El Nido and Coron, as shown in these beautiful videos. The easiest and least expensive way to get here is by Jessabel and Bunso ferries (details below). Big safe banca boats with capacity for 80 people, but they might not make a regular stop in our harbour.

A second option is to take the Marfye’s ferry from San Fernando, a small town about one hour van ride east of El Nido. There is another ferry called Lara running every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between San Fernando and San Miguel in Linapacan, contact Sir Rruel Llado at +63 939 925 6218 for reservations. For other options you can contact Dory at +63 920 954 8991.

To get from El Nido to Sibaltan, one van service is Leila Baja at 09753868473 / 09753006616, 200p per person or 2,500p for special commission.

If you need to get here from Coron when Jessabel is not operational, I can possibly organise a small boat for 4,000p, capacity for 2, or a larger private boat for 8,000 (can include a little island hopping). Same prices apply from San Fernando, details here.

Then there is the Atienza ferry which runs between Manila and Linapacan (apparently does not stop in Coron), and now apparently also between El Nido and Linapacan (check details below).

You can also try the beach of San Fernando or the public market in Coron and ask different boats, but the coast guard is getting strict about boats having the proper permits to take foreign passengers, so you will have to be surreptitious about your endeavours or actual departure. Or perhaps wear a burka??

Private tour between El Nido and Coron

And lastly but most interesting, you can hire a private boat (depending on the number of passengers, can be less than $20 a day), between El Nido and Coron. There are tons of beautiful islands and things to explore, such as caves, the Spanish fortress, cliff diving into the ocean, and fantastic snorkeling in the clearest waters in the world.

Or click here if you are interested in booking some local Coron tours, or around El Nido.

Ferries between El Nido and Coron and from/to Manila

Mbca Jessabel Ferry

Their numbers are +63 918 967 6838 and +63 917 655 5915 and they can even help arrange van or bus pickup for you. Or arrange ferries to Manila, Puerto Princesa or Mindoro. If in Coron you can find them here:

Or in El Nido you can get tickets and details from The Og’s Pension or The Artcafe Boutique near the pier.
Jessabel on Facebook.

Atienza Shipping Lines Ferry (contact below)

Click on to zoom in

Pictures below from their Coron office, March 2018:

Below picture taken of schedule at the Coron office, but everything seems to have shifted one day forward, the ferry from Linapacan to Manila now leaving every Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. Best to always call them., their facebook, Manila office: 0999 881 7266, 986 3118, Palawan office: 0939 912 6840, 0998 881 7226 (best to call them as they do not seem to respond to emails), Linapacan: 0909 2022 079.

For their boat going to Linapacan, called MV May Lillies, you can check out that link for more info online. But be warned, at 14.5 km/hr, make sure to bring a deck of cards with you!

According to the latest inside scoop from Dory (contact above), MV May Lillies now leaves from El Nido To Linapacan on Tuesdays at 8pm, leaves from Linapacan to Manila 10am Wednesday, and leaves Linapacan to El Nido on Sunday at 2am.

Their latest info sent to me on September 8, 2022:

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
(T, Th, S)
Coron to El Nido at 7:00 AM
El Nido to Coron at 12:30 PM

Regular: 2,816.00
Student/PWD: 2,253.00
Senior: 2,011.00
3-7 yo: 1,408.00

For travel agencies or referrals, our contracted rate is 200 per passenger.

For inquiries:
Booking: 0928-457-7623
Marketing: 0999-881-7266
Billing/Cargo Rate Inquiry: 0917-633-2099
Ticketing: 0998-532-6553
Coron: 0939-912-6840
El Nido: 0998-881-7226

Marfye Ferry

Runs between San Fernando (about an hour by van east of El Nido) and Linapacan (no longer goes to Coron).

Contact: 0910 992 6727, 0907 927 8630, marfivenia caabay <>

Bunso Transport Ferry (contact below)

Bunso on Facebook – tel: 0907 985 5306

D’Asean Journey Ferry

Contact: 0920 617 4950, 0917 563 1230, 0920 721 0011

Montenegro Lines Ferry

This is a new FAST BOAT but does not stop in Linapacan (although they plan to soon), but if enough people keep asking perhaps they will make it a regular stop, as there is so much to see in this beautiful area and they cruise right by it on their way.

Their website wasn’t working when I tried it a few times, and when I sent them an email I received the following automatic information. I called the head office and they confirmed the above information.

For any inquiries and booking reservation please contact our MSLI Travel and Tours (Batangas / Main Office) 0908-571-3984, MSLI Booking Station (El Nido / Ticketing Booth) 0928-826-1645/ 0915-092-0358 and MSLI Booking Station (Coron / Satellite Office) 0917-496-2009/ 0917-520-1993 for any inquiries and booking reservation.

More info and contact to other booking agents on this Tripadvisor thread.

Ferries between Manila and Coron

Although they are slower than flying, a ferry can be more fun and less stressful. There is live entertainment on the 2Go ferry, you sleep comfortably in a bed, leave in the afternoon and arrive at your destination early next morning. At 1,500p it can be the same price as accommodation.

2GO Travel (large ferry)

Please check their webpage for updated schedule
Leaves Manila from Pier 4 Fridays at 5pm – arrives at Coron Saturday 7am.
Leaves Coron Sundays at 4.30pm – arrives at Manila Monday 6.30am
Trunkline : (+63 2) 5287000

Bunso Ferry

Booking office downtown Coron/El Nido
Phone: +63 (0) 9103710621
or +63 (0) 9359588273

Atienza Shipping Lines Ferry (freighter)

M/V April Rose, (steel hull) Estimated travel time: 17 hours
Wednesday 4pm MANILA – CORON, Saturday 4pm CORON – MANILA
PHP 1,000 Ordinary / PHP 1,150 Aircon
Pier 5, Manila
Telephone No: +63(0)29863118, +63(0)25368123
Mobile No: +63(0)999-8817266
E-mail address:

Flying in, Flying out

Note that if you are flying into Manila, the domestic flights often depart from a different terminal which can be located in another part of the city and not so quick to get to. Considering immigration, picking up and checking your luggage at the next terminal, the possibility of a delay in your international flight and the distance between the terminals, you should give yourself at least a six hour window between your international and local flights. Ideally, your international flight should arrive early so you wouldn’t have to stay overnight in Manila, because there is hardly anything to see there and might as well start your paradise vacation as soon as possible!

  • Cebu Pacific – Several daily flights from Manila, Princesa, Cebu and Davao.
  • Philippine Airlines – Several daily flights from Manila, Princesa, Cebu.
  • Air Asia – Manila, Princesa, Cebu.
  • SkyJet Airlines – Boutique airlines with one flight from Manila every day.
  • Air Juan Airline – Small 9 seat charter airline that flies between Coron and Boracay (Tuesday & Saturday) and Coron – Puerto Princesa (Thursday & Sunday). The 45 minute flight costs from P3,499 each way. It also flies between Puerto Princesa and Cuyo, and Boracay and Cuyo (refer to comments at bottom).
  • Air Swift – Four flights daily between El Nido and Manila, one flight daily between El Nido and Boracay. You can also book flights with them in the Art Cafe.

Borneo – Palawan

[The following was taken from the internet but from what is now a suspended account:]

If you take Aleson Shipping from Sandakan, Sabah it will not make any stops along the way to Zamboanga. If you take Weesam – they will make deliveries along the way.

I have not yet made the trip with Weesam and likely will not be taking them in the future, because I prefer the open air deck of the Aleson Shipping vessel.

The Superferry does make trips between Zamboanga and General Santos – I have done that trip one time a few years back – we did make a port of call in Cotabato City on the way.

I suggest not driving from Zamboanga through Cotabato City on the way to General Santos. The 2 times that I made this trip on my bike, I did not see any buses at all on the road coming in from the north. Traveling that route is a bit dicey.

The ferries between Surigao City, Mindanao and Liloan, Leyte take about 4 hours and it’s a basic run.

Here is an option that might interest you – Sandakan – Zamboanga – Pagadian – Ozamis – (to Mukas by ferry – 45 minutes) – Iligan- Cagayan de Oro – Butuan – Surigao City – Liloan – Sogod – Agas Agas

Getting to Cuyo

Please refer to the top comment below.

Experience the thrill of island hopping in the Philippines!
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Kate Brown
00:22 27 Oct 23
What an unforgettable experience! We did a two night (3 day) island hopping tour from Sibaltan to Coron. Everything was so well organized and the boat crew were amazing and really made sure we had a great time. The accommodation was rustic, but added to the authentic experience of the Philippines. Karel always responded to any queries we had promptly. Our boatman, Albert, was the most amazing chef and we enjoyed every meal. The crew taught the kids how to fish with a line which was their highlight of the trip. They took us to the most unbelievable snorkelling spots along the way. Would highly recommend this trip.
Ian Pascual
02:43 10 Aug 23
One of the most amazing, unforgettable things you can do in your life
Lou Pratali
11:04 25 Jul 23
This is a must to do!!Super ultimate tour is the best with Kayangan and barracuda lake, twin lagoons (my favorite), coral garden (blue fabulous coral) were the best. It’s really worth it to pay for private tour (3500 to 4000 PHP). You will also have to pay for entrance fees (150 to 200PHP by location) and eventually shopping at the market - must do (count 300 for 2 for fish, pork, fruits and vegetables, water).
16:11 07 Feb 23
I was looking for a personalized excursion to the beautiful Gulf of Bacuit.Seeing the comments, I contacted Mel.Very responsive, very efficient and perfect organization.The flight attendants were very friendly and very helpful.And I'm not even talking about the meal on board...a marvel.In all fairness, this excursion will remain an excellent memory and I cannot recommend Mel and his team highly enough.A big thank-you.
Alyse Tarbotton
23:48 30 Aug 22
This tour went well above all our expectations! I couldn't recommend this enough! The boat crew, captain and tour guide were nothing but amazing, everyone was so kind, helpful and friendly. The crew knew the best spots to visit that weren't overcrowded with tourists, 3 times we were lucky enough to have whole islands to ourselves! It was my partner's birthday while away and everything went above and beyond, bonfire, cake, birthday card, singing and celebrating with us.If you love camping this is definitely a tout you should do, it has been the highlight of our trip!!
Danish Kayani
10:24 31 Oct 19
Coron is the best place i have ever seen.. picturesque. Beautiful. Peaceful
We booked a 4 days/3 nights private boat trip from Coron to Sibaltan. The organization went very well from the beginning, the owner answered to all my questions, and we were able to choose which islands to visit and where to sleep. The first night we slept in a bungalow in Banana Island, the second we camped in Araw beach and the last we slept in a seafront bungalow builded on a tree in Pical on Iloc Island.The islands in that area are the most beautiful islands I have ever seen, with clear water, lots of coral reef and fishes to see, white sand and almost deserted. The crew was very friendly and polite and they organize every single meal and for camping they give you a tent which was just perfect! This was our highlight in our 2 weeks in the Philippines and I wish I had booked a longer trip. A private trip gives you the freedom to decide where and when to go.
Espinosa Kosmans

We are a family operation managing private custom boat tours in the beautiful Palawan area, and are happy to help travelers with their plans through the country, having traveled a lot of it ourselves and planning to visit it all.

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  • Hello,
    I want to go from El Nido to Coron on FEB-28.
    I would like to make a Stopover in Linapacan and spend some hours there.
    Can you give me any advice?

    • Lots of info on this very page, but since I do not check these comments very often, for a faster response it is best to write to us directly.

  • Hey Karel, great info here for our up coming 8 week trip back to the Philippines in April/May 2019, i found everything i needed to know regarding boat services between Palawan/Linapacan/Coron/Mindoro so now we can make our plans final and lock in the dates we spend at each location according to the boat schedules......Glen

  • Hi Sailorsam,

    I'm looking for a place to stay 1-2 nights in Linapacan coming from El Nido on 1/8/16 to accommodate 3 person. Any suggestion on the best way on how to get to Linapacan from El Nido.
    I read some of the reviews on Trip Advisor and highly recommend your establishment. Also some mentioned to bring things needed for cooking, I'll be happy to bring things that you may need, please let me know.

  • By air from Manila to Cuyo Island via Puerto Princesa or via Boracay

    There are daily flights from Manila airport to Puerto Princesa in Palawan and to Boracay

    Cuyo Island can be reached by Air Juan from Puerto Princesa (4 times a week) and from Caticlan (Boracay) (two times a week)

    flies every Wednesday and Sunday between Boracay and Cuyo
    Puerto Princesa to Cuyo 10.00 – 11.00 days 3 / 4 / 6 / 7
    Cuyo to Puerto Princesa 11.20 – 12.20 days 3 / 4 / 6 / 7
    Cuyo to Boracay (Caticlan) 11.30 – 12.15 days 3 / 7 (16 Oct 2016 to 31 May 2017)
    Boracay (Caticlan) to Cuyo 12.45 – 13.25 days 3 / 7 (16 Oct 2016 to 31 May 2017)

    Air Juan Bookings

    By ferry to Cuyo Island: three times a week from Iloilo and Puerto Princesa

    Schedule of Ferries to / from Cuyo Island

    (Iloilo to Cuyo to Puerto Princesa / Puerto Princesa to Cuyo to Iloilo / Cuyo to Coron to Manila / Manila to Coron to Cuyo)

    Puerto Princesa (Palawan) to Cuyo Island [minimum 18 hours depending wind and waves conditions]

    Ferry of the Montenegro Shipping Lines Departure Monday 06.00 pm / arriving Tuesday morning

    Ferry A of the Milagrosa Shipping Lines Departure Thursday 03.00 pm / arriving Friday morning

    Ferry B of the Milagrosa Shipping Lines Departure Sunday 03.00 pm / arriving Monday morning

    Iloilo (Panay Island) to Cuyo Island [minimum 12 hours depending wind and waves conditions]

    Ferry of the Montenegro Shipping Lines Departure Saturday 08.00 am / arriving Saturday evening

    Ferry A of the Milagrosa Shipping Lines Departure Monday 07.00 pm / arriving Tuesday morning

    Ferry B of the Milagrosa Shipping Lines Departure Thursday 07.00 pm / arriving Friday morning

    Cuyo Island to Puerto Princesa (Palawan) [minimum 18 hours depending wind and waves conditions]

    Ferry of the Montenegro Shipping Lines Departure Saturday 09.00 pm / arriving Sunday morning

    Ferry A of the Milagrosa Shipping Lines Departure Tuesday 03.00 pm / arriving Wednesday morning

    Ferry B of the Milagrosa Shipping Lines Departure Friday 03.00 pm / arriving Saturday morning

    Cuyo Island to Iloilo (Panay Island) [minimum 12 hours depending wind and waves conditions]

    Ferry of the Montenegro Shipping Lines Departure Tuesday 05.00 pm / arriving Wednesday morning

    Ferry A of the Milagrosa Shipping Lines Departure Friday 05.00 pm / arriving Saturday morning

    Ferry B of the Milagrosa Shipping Lines Departure Monday 05.00 pm / arriving Tuesday morning

    Manila – Coron (Palawan) – Cuyo M/V D’Asean Journey (Port Area Gate near Baseco Port) once a week

    Cuyo – Coron (Palawan) – Manila M/V D’Asean Journey (Port Area Gate near Baseco Port) once a week

    Inquiries JV Serrano D’Asean Journey: +63 915 987 3655

    The timetables on the home page of Montenegro & Milagrosa are wrong: better call them by phone)

    Montenegro: +63 43 723 6980 / +63 43 723 8294 Milagrosa: +63 33 335 0955 / +63 33 337 8627