Cebu – Things You Need to Know

Cebu - Things You Need to Know

Cebu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines because it is rich in beautiful beaches, majestic waterfalls, cool diving sites and with their delicious food especially lechon (roasted pork) which they are popularly known to have the best one in the whole Philippines.

History of Cebu City

Cebu City, officially the City of Cebu, also known as the Queen City of the South, is a 1st class highly urbanized city of the island of Cebu in the Central Visayas Region, Philippines. Cebu is the country’s oldest city; it was the first Spanish settlement, and the first capital of the Philippines. It is the “Second City” of the Philippines after Manila.

The name “Cebu” came from the old Cebuano word sibu or sibo (“trade”), a shortened form of sinibuayng hingpit (“the place for trading”). It was originally applied to the harbors of the town of Sugbu, the ancient name for Cebu City. Sugbu, in turn, was derived from the Old Cebuano term for “scorched earth” or “great fire”

Travel the world without getting out of Cebu

Cebu is huge and I know the pain of not having enough money and even time to travel other countries especially the ones in Europe. Guess what? I have good news for you! You can now have a little taste of how it is like in some countries by visiting these places in Cebu in an affordable price:

Sirao Garden, the little Amsterdam, Cebu - Things You Need to Know
Sirao Garden, the little Amsterdam of Cebu City
  • Sirao flower garden (Denmark)
  • Temple of Leah (Greece)
  • Taoist temple (Taiwan/China)
  • The Pyramid resto (Louvre, France)
  • Capilla Santa Ana, Toledo City (Labyrinth, UK)
  • Terraza de flores (Botanical Garden, Belgium)
  • 10,000 roses cafe, Cordova (Bayside, Hongkong)
  • La Vie Parisienne (France)
  • Sugbo Mercado (if you wanna travel the world by food, different food stalls with international cuisine)

     *All is in Cebu city except for Capilla Santa Ana and 10,000 roses cafe.

Old structures/Ancestral houses:

Inside the Casa Gorordo Museum, Cebu - Things You Need to Know
Inside the Casa Gorordo Museum
  • Yap-Sandiego
  • Casa Gorordo
  • Circa 1900 (also a restaurant with Pool)
  • Cebu museum (garrison turned prison turned museum)
  • Fort San Pedro (smallest fort in the country)
  • A lot of centuries old churches

Fun things to do:

Scuba diving with thresher sharks in Malapascua, Cebu - Things You Need to Know
Scuba diving with thresher sharks in Malapascua, Cebu
  • Go kart racing
  • Archery
  • Skydiving
  • Parasailing
  • Scuba diving
  • Horseback riding via the mountains courtesy of Big Q farm.
  • Upside down museum
  • Diving with Thresher sharks in Malapascua (only place in the world where you can swim with this wild sharks)

Must Eat Cebu delicacies:

The tastiest and crispiest lechon (roasted pork), Cebu - Things You Need to Know
The tastiest and crispiest lechon (roasted pork) can be found in Cebu
  • Ngohiong
  • Puso (hanging rice)
  • Tuslob buwa (dip in bubbles)
  • Larang (fish sour soup)
  • Pungko-pungko (assorted fried foods that you eat on a bench, kinda like honesty eating, you first get to eat and afterwards you pay by honestly saying what you ate)
  • Cebu lechon
  • Sutukil (sugba/grilled, tuwa/clear soup, kilaw/ceviche)

Places to Visit in Cebu Overlooking the city:

Temple of Leah, Cebu - Things You Need to Know
Temple of Leah, Cebu
  • Tops Lookout
  • Temple of Leah
  • Mountain View resort
  • Busay Green Canopy resto
  • Tops Lookout resto

Places to Visit and Things to Do in the South of Cebu

  • Chicharon/Crispy pork rind at Carcar city (famous for their chicharon and also their lechon)
  • Oslob whale watching and Sumilon island
  • Tumalog falls
  • Kawasan falls
  • Moalboal – sardine run and dive spot
  • Osmeña peak (the highest overlooking Negros islands)
  • Aloguinsan Bojo River Cruise
  • A lot of beach resorts

TIP:  You can travel going to Dumaguete via Sibulan at Santander right after Oslob for less than 100 pesos.

Places to Visit and Things to Do in the North of Cebu

  • Cebu Safari at Carmen the biggest zoo/Safari
  • Papa kits (catch your own fish, zipline)
  • Fantastic Medellin (adventure island)
  • Durano eco spring
  • Bantayan island (white sand beaches, cave pools, cliff jumping)

TIP: You can travel to Iloilo via bantayan for around 590 pesos via ferry (big ship). The ferry leaves around 6pm and you get there the next morning around 7am.

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Palawan Boat Tours - Cebu - Things You Need to Know

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