Glamping in the Philippines, Palawan

Glamping is an abbreviation for “glamorous camping”. But since all the manufacturers of such glamorous camping seem to be from the United States and because shipping to the Philippines from there is so expensive, if you bring the tent with you, we’d be happy to pay for it and build you your furniture in advance! … Read more

The high season is a success

Since my connection with the caretaker, my situation has felt much more certain. I no longer feel like such an outsider of a village on the verge of pulling out their pitchforks, but someone with possible clout. It went from someone who could be charged by the locals for collecting bamboo washed up onto the … Read more

Finally met the property’s caretaker!

It was five months of misery, which I managed to overcome in my usual adaptive way, but it was also a fun time of making lots of pockets in the jungle for the 30 tents I had accumulated over time. I look forward to being ready for the upcoming high season, as in the past … Read more

D tent spots (Dimancal)

At one of the posts framing the entrance to the D area. Our guests often have fun beautifying our camp in different ways.  D1 on beachfront On the immediate left as soon as you pass through the gates above. A smaller tent snuggled in the shade, 600p for one person or 800p for two. Room … Read more

Crossfit Personal Trainer on Beach

The following video is of a friend of mine who will be staying with me for three months (perhaps longer, on and off) and who is a certified personal trainer and crossfit specialist on the beach. He filled up basketballs of various sizes with sand to create medicine balls, uses thick heavy fisherman (battle) ropes he … Read more

Five months of rain, typhoons, bugs and misery

The delux tent purposefully flattened to protect it from getting ruined, behind a temporary wall of coconut leaves. Letter to mom about Ben, June 10 That’s the owner of the property I’m supposed to be developing. He dropped by the other day, bringing in more bamboo so that I can continue with construction (mostly tables and little things, … Read more

Five months of development

The high season starts around the time my favourite volunteers leave, a record ten now staying here, which eventually climbs to 14 staying over a duration of five weeks. Great progress is achieved and everyone loves the space. Jungle trails are built on the new and surrounding islands and the options seem limitless. The internet … Read more

Successful kitesurfing at last!

A few kitesurfers pass through and assess the conditions and my equipment. Although a great deal for less than $500 for two (usually they are a thousand a pop), it turns out my kitesurfing kits are from 2001, well before the extensive advances in harness safety. The kites are good, although many of the valves are … Read more

Some ventures off the island

Before I started these island development projects, the idea came to me to start an island hopping enterprise. A country of 7,107 islands, about a thousand of which are in my area alone. A calm area and more affluent part of the country, with honest folks, little crime and no typhoons. The dream was to … Read more

Owner Who What?

I make it to the new lot, the volunteers absolutely love it, and soon enough several more volunteers arrive from different parts of the world to bring our working crew up to a record number of 10. Some leave, more arrive, local boat tours are taken, and in two weeks this revolving door of faithful … Read more