While traveling through the Philippines, why not get a technical cleaning, or more serious work? You will get a great job and save tons of money. At the bottom of this page you will find contact details to a good dentist in Coron, a popular tourist destination, but before that, might as well make a … Read more

Kayaking in Palawan, Philippines

It was an exciting day yesterday when my first kayaking guests showed up, starting the 2000km stretch around Palawan island from Coron and back. The waves might be too rough in the open ocean north of Coron, so it may be better to just take the overnight sleeper 2Go ferry from Manila. Lots of storage … Read more

Enjoy nature and the natural beauty of the Philippines

After traveling for the past 10 years (thanks to my online job) and spending 2.5 years on the lovely Thai island of Koh Phangan, I must say that the Philippines, with its 7,107 islands and referred to as the Pearl of the Orient Seas, absolutely KICKS ASS. That is, if you like trekking through the jungle, … Read more

Suggested itinerary and travel plans for Palawan


Synopsis The Palawan area of the Philippines is the nicest, most natural, safe and devoid-of-typhoons area in the country. And the Puerto Princesa > El Nido > Coron to Manila corridor is rapidly growing as a favourite tourist route. If you are short of time, such as 12 days or less, and you like pristine … Read more

Colloidal Silver

The reason I wanted to give this substance a try is because I had been struggling with a wart on my foot for almost two years. For half a year I had tried everything possible, including big pharma, as you can see from the pictures on this facebook album. Until I got desperate enough to … Read more