Henkey Boat Operator

Henkey owns a grocery store and homestay on a small rural island near to Linapacan. He also collects catch from locals to ship off to Manila, so you can expect an abundance of seafood here, and be pleasantly surprised by his excellent cooking! His stop is one of our favourite recommendations as a sleep over … Read more

Theresa Boat Hire


Arcenas and Theresa are a husband and wife team who run a homestay on a small rural island east of El Nido. They collect the daily catch from locals and ship it off on ice every day to Manila, so you can expect plenty of delicious seafood when on a tour with them. They have two … Read more



The Linapacan area comprises of 52 paradise beach islands half way between El Nido and Coron. It is not very developed and definitely off the beaten path, but nice little resorts and hotels can be found. You can get there by the public ferries or hire one of our private boats for a multiday tour through … Read more

Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding in Palawan


 One of the beautiful, empty beaches you can launch from to enjoy virgin turf on your own.  I no longer manage the Patoyo Kitesurfing Camp below, but am focusing on private custom or group boat tours through this beautiful area, along which you can kitesurf in virgin territory from beaches of 82 islands if … Read more

Boat Operator – Benji

This boatman might no longer be available. His primary source of income by profession, Benji also runs a regular schedule to Coron on Fridays, 2 days, with a one day trip back leaving on Sundays. Every operator has their own contacts or relatives who have islands you can explore or people to meet and stay … Read more

Suggested itinerary and travel plans for Palawan


Synopsis The Palawan area of the Philippines is the nicest, most natural, safe and devoid-of-typhoons area in the country. And the Puerto Princesa > El Nido > Coron to Manila corridor is rapidly growing as a favourite tourist route. If you are short of time, such as 12 days or less, and you like pristine … Read more