Henkey Boat Operator

Henkey owns a grocery store and homestay on a small rural island near to Linapacan. He also collects catch from locals to ship off to Manila, so you can expect an abundance of seafood here, and be pleasantly surprised by his excellent cooking! His stop is one of our favourite recommendations as a sleep over or at least lunch during a tour. There is a small lagoon at the end of his beach for interesting snorkeling, and a small private beach just around the corner from that.

henkey boats

Two of his boats bobbing in the background, the left his smaller one and suitable for locals tours,
the right one larger, for up to five people with gear and for longer tours. 

henkey pool

Filipino style pool at his homestay.


Henkey’s son and daughter-in-law who will accompany you on your tours, together with Henkey’s other son.

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We are a family operation managing private custom boat tours in the beautiful Palawan area, and are happy to help travelers with their plans through the country, having traveled a lot of it ourselves and planning to visit it all.

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