Private Boat Tour Prices between El Nido and Coron

Private boat tour prices between El Nido and Coron in Palawan, Philippines

Private boat tour prices between El Nido and Coron depend on the number of people and the number of days. For example, ideal for romantic couples who do not want to share the boat with strangers, a four day tour is ideal and goes for $2,500, all inclusive (accommodation, three square meals a day of your preference, snacks, soft drinks and water, entrance fees, and if you wish, a gratis case of beer or bottle of wine). You can check out our price calculator on our island hopping page or use the contact form there to ask us for other combinations of days and number of people.

There are 52 islands in the area, off the beaten path and away from the tourist hustle. Especially if you hire your own, private boat, because the group tours can be a bit of a zoo, a horn often blown to herd up the guests before it is time to move onto the next location, as per schedule. Choose what kind of locations you like and our boatman will craftily avoid the other groups so you can enjoy the island beaches to yourselves.

If you prefer a USD price breakdown in a table format, here are some of the more common combinations:


Note that our regular banca boats need at least two days to navigate this long distance (about 120km). If you’d like to achieve this in only one day you will need a speedboat.

Linapacan area only

Private boat tour prices between El Nido and Coron in Palawan, Philippines, 2

If you have the time to just hang and chill, or are a budget traveler, another option is to take a boat or ferry to Linapacan, half way between El Nido and Coron, in a beautiful, untouched area with pristine beaches, hospitable people, and the clearest waters in the world. You can get to us by public ferry for about 1,500p from either El Nido area or Coron. Once here, we can take you on excursions to the many surrounding island. Day trips and end your day back in your air-conditioned hotel, or camp out on a remote beach, or stay in one of the many bamboo huts on an island beach.

Plenty to see in the area, such as caves, trekking or biking through the jungle, and diving as explained on our services page.

Alternatively, you can take one of our boats between Sibaltan (a wonderful archeological village about 1.5 hours by van east of El Nido) and Coron. Some boats can depart from El Nido for a higher price. Prices are per boat and depend on the size of the boat and number of days of the tour. You can hire your own boat, invite others to lower costs, or join other groups according to the tour schedule page, where you will find detailed info and prices for each operator.

The accommodation is free if you sleep on the boat, 300-500p to sleep in a bed on land or tent on a deserted island (400p if two people sharing) and meals are 400p and include fruits and other snacks. Trips include free stops for snorkeling or island explorations, there are caves, trekking through the jungle and diving is possible. Some deserted islands charge 100p per person to stay over.

Private Boat Tour Details

The banca boats generally have a capacity of up to 12 guest, more comfortably 6-8 so you can sit on the benches in the front with a table between you for eating and a shade above. You can check out our island hopping homepage for a quick calculation of the total, all-inclusive price, which depends on the number of people and number of days (between El Nido and Coron). We can also organise private custom tours around El Nido or Coron only.

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Here is a preview of some of the islands along the way:

Eli Cave
Sitio Eli

Custom tours to other islands can easily be arranged (prices vary depending on distance and number of tour days).

Check here for more info on tours.


island hopping boat tours prices snorkeling

There are two shipwrecks in the Linapacan area and we may be able to organise a professional diving instructor, otherwise the best shipwreck diving is around Coron.

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Boat tours between El Nido and Coron - prices
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 9 reviews
Greg James
Sep 26, 2023
 by Greg James
amazing part of the world

We had a wonderful time, and the islands, snorkelling , beaches were awesome, Robinson our tour guide could certainly cook as well.
But I am somewhat disappointed concerning the accommodation. Robinson informed us that we did not have enough time to get to BRC, so he took us to some beach huts.
Whilst Robinson was very apologetic, and I understand you were not there (we had no signal) you need to ensure that this does not happen in the future.
Let me emphasize, the islands are amazing, and it was only the accommodation that let us down. FYI, I am involved in accommodation industry and a good night sleep is imperative to enjoying the next day.
Please take this as constructive criticisms and not a whinge. I do not believe Robinson will take any tourist back to that beach in the future.
Again, I want to be very very clear, that it is an amazing part of the world and we enjoyed it.

Leigh Mosel
Sep 26, 2023
 by Leigh Mosel

Overall, we had a great time, a unique experience in a beautiful location. The crew did a great job and Jake was a friendly and helpful guide.
Some suggestions. As I discussed with you during the booking process, guests from overseas who have never travelled to this region cannot filter through all of the this information on your website and come up with their own plan. I see you have added my sample itinerary, which is fine, but I think you should lead customers through this process more simply rather than saying “its your tour its up to you”, you should ask some key questions like what are your preferences (beaches or snorkelling or fishing) and what is the age and demographic and plan the “perfect” trip for them. I see you have made some changes to the website in this regard.
The crew were incredible nice and helpful. The food was amazing, absolutely beautiful!!!! We would have preferred a bit more options than just Coke (and a bottle of Sprite) to drink though especially in the morning some fruit juice would be fine.
I hope you understand that we did have a great time with the kids and Ryan was excellent with them, taking taking them fishing and spearfishing.

Sep 26, 2023
 by Donna

Everything was perfect 🥰 Thank You So Much

Eva Pérez-Torra
Sep 26, 2023
 by Eva Pérez-Torra
great time

We just arrived at the airport erveything went really good and we had a great time in the islands.

Patrick Cadell
Sep 26, 2023
 by Patrick Cadell

It was fantastic! Thank you very much for putting it together. We both loved the trip and seeing more of this beautiful part of the world. The sea was a bit rough yesterday but only added to the adventure. Would have loved to have seen a bit more of the Linapacan Islands but think the weather meant we had to go a bit further on the first day and couldn’t stay at Bolita Island. The crew were all fantastic and the food incredible.

Delphine Luna
Sep 26, 2023
 by Delphine Luna
beautiful locations

The tour was amazing! The crew was great, the locations beautiful !
Everything was perfect 🙂 thanks for organising.

That was the best experience we had in the Philippines by far, so thank you again.

Jason Krul
Apr 14, 2023
 by Jason Krul

Excellent! Trip was awesome. Thanks so much for all your help in this. Will definitely be recommending!

Dave Hedges
Apr 14, 2023
 by Dave Hedges
over and above service

It was amazing!!
Exactly what we wanted and more, thank you so much!
While I had my ideas of the itinerary Maileen and the other crew adapted them beautifully according to their knowledge and experience and it turned out even better!
I'm not saying I'm hugely travelled at all but the beaches and islands we saw and stayed at on our tour were the best I've ever seen!!
They gave us exactly what we wanted - private beaches, limited people, simple budget accommodation, and kept us informed the whole way through!
The over and above service was amazing, they just took care of everything and more, I cannot recommend them highly enough!
Unfortunately the kids were a bit sick on the second day (combo of a whole range of things I think) but the crew accommodated and we still had a great time!
I felt bad because they couldn't really eat much and the food was so abundant and beautiful, I hope the chef understood!?
All of my friends have been really interested in what we did as it's not that common a thing to do and I will definitely be recommending your company to them if they decide to do a similar adventure at some stage!
Thank you for all your information and communication, the whole process was really smooth and I felt fully informed and comfortable throughout the whole experience from enquiry to conclusion!
Hopefully I will be able to do it again one day!

Rokas Labanauskas
Apr 14, 2023
 by Rokas Labanauskas

Thank you for your email! It was amazing! We really enjoyed it! The crew was great! Well organised! Food was really good and a lot of it!!! Thank you very much!


  • Adrianna

    Hi. We are staying in El Nido town and are looking to do a day trip to Linapacan. We are really hoping to see clear water and beautiful beaches for snorkeling and swimming. Can you tell me if a day trip is possible and what the cost is?

    • sailorsam

      Sent you PM. Totally beautiful here for sure. I got a small boat for five people max, 1500p a day total price, plus 100p for a meal at the boatman’s house on another island. I got bigger boats for larger groups. Note this is only for a local tour, so you have to get here first, if you haven’t booked a private tour with us (which could include a local tour). Here ore details about the public ferries between El Nido – Linapacan – Coron.

      • Marie Marcos

        Hi SailorSam,
        We are looking at a private boat tour for 3 people. We have 3d/2nights hoping to squeeze everything in those days for a Coron to El Nido trip. I have visited El Nido before but I also want to be in Coron even just for a day. Can you recommend the best options for us?

  • Emir

    Hi. How safe is it to travel by boat in mid february? You mentioned big waves, so im assuming that the weather can be changing a lot that period. Im going crazy over the 4-5 day boat trip from El Nido to Coron.

    • sailorsam

      February is the waviest time of the year, when the coast guard often shuts down the public ferries until the waves subsides, so during this time there are often delays for at least a couple of days. The private boats, however, generally circumvent this. They wont take a chance if they think it is risky, for your safety and because their boats are their lives, but it can seem scary for those who are not used to it. On one of our boats I once went on an excursion through 4m high swells. The boat went up and down, up and down like on a roller coaster and I had to wear a snorkeling mask because the constant splash of salt water in my eyes burned too much, so it wasn’t the most pleasant journey. If our boats cancel or delay due to extreme weather, I’ll return your deposit in full, but if our boats wont go, no one else in their right mind will. You can also check out our main kitesurfing page to get an idea of weather forecasts around that time.

  • Emir

    Thank you greatly for the answer. I will check the page to see if mid january/beginning of march is better. 4m swells are not my cup of tea 😀


    • sailorsam

      It wasn’t like that all of last February, but perhaps a week, the rest maybe 2m. The page also has a link to weather patterns for the entire year preceding, including wave heights etc. But this of course varies from year to year, and is for the Cuyo islands, which might be rougher on average, exposed more to the open ocean. In the future I hope to get my own weather station but still a bit early for that.

  • Chris Cantor

    My family and I were planning next May to visit El nido. We will ride the plane from Manila to Lio airport. Do you have boat there to pick up us? We’re like 8-9 person who wanted to see the beautiful islands of El nido. Can you send me how much per tour?

    • sailorsam

      We don’t yet service the El Nido area and a special permit is required for that. I can organise boat tours starting from Sibaltan or San Fernando, east of El Nido, taking you north to Linapacan or Coron.

  • Konstantinos Kanellos

    Good morning from Greece! i am a single traveler, will be in Coron between Feb. 26 to Mar. 3 and despite its a short one, i would like to swim in the world’s clearest waters (despite coming from a country with awsome clear friendly seas). Do you know ferry schedule from and back to Coron (2017 updated) San Miguel? Moreover, in case the schedule is not suitable and given the fact that in my case, its impossible to rent myself…how can i seek for joiners? i can’t go ask around and harrass other tourists…you know Coron, how can i get there accurately? I am looking forward to a 1n/2d (and when i say 2 days i mean 2 days, not leaving back to Coron the morning of the second day) and see all i can from Linapacan. Any advice would be much useful.
    Kostas – Average Budget Traveler.

  • Rachel bucknall

    Is it possible and how much does it cost for a private boat from el nido to Coron? Ideally on Friday this week? 27th
    Thank you

  • Sarah Martin

    Hello. I am with a group of friends and we are interested in booking a private boat from coron to el nido next Thursday June 29th. There will be 6 of us. I just wondered what you are able to offer?

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