Tree planting tips and secrets

I compiled these suggestions after planting for seven summers and putting some 700,000 trees into the ground. Keep in mind that most of that was in British Colombia, and some on the coast, so over a broad spectrum of terrain (very little in very fast ground).

My seventh summer was 17 years after my sixth, needing the money to keep my business afloat. My bones were aching and my muscles in perpetual pain, never seeming to recover fully from the previous day. I was so worn out I did not have the strength to bother patching up my airmattress and slept on hard ground all summer.

This forced me to research and experiment with an overall diet and dietary supplements which would give me an additional energy boost while helping my body cope with the long, arduous season. But even if you are still a young buck, these tips should help you optimise your body and hence income for this, one-of-the-hardest jobs in the world.

Hope you have a good season!

Tips on How to Plant

Planning Your Next Tree Planting Spot
Getting to Your Next Treeplanting Spot
Prodding with your Shovel
Inserting the Shovel
Make Your Tree Planting Hole
Insert Your Tree
Close Your Hole
Efficiency of Movement
Tree Planting Medium
Tips from the Ultra Highballers
The Shovel
Cutting and Filling Your Piece
How the Industry Should be Run
Diet to give you optimum energy
Treeplanting Attire
Bugs While Treeplanting
Treeplanting Stories
Stretching When You Treeplant
Treeplanting Plot
The Forester

Other Stuff

below are some comments for myself to further develop this site

Quality Control

I recently heard of a tale of two bimbos who thought they would be so smart as to bury 4 trees under every tree they planted, and skip entire areas (probably the tougher ones), figuring that if the company saw trees in some areas, it would assume their entire piece was successfully filled. Well, this industry is an old one and there definitely exist quality control procedures to uncover such cases. <add to Forester section>


Creamy Spots

         – the nicest soil seems to have a thin layer of moss <h> growing on it. Light to dark green indicates a moist sandbox.

         – between the thick roots of a stump <h> you’ll often find a nice pocket of soil, although in some grounds these pockets dry out too much, develop air chambers (which dry out the seedling plugs and what most foresters try to avoid), or may even contain bee hives.

         Other times, I feel I have developed some zany <skill> to sensing where is the upcoming best plantable spot. You feel it and just go for it.

<put somewhere else> But the degree that you “go” for it, meaning how hard and confident you want to be during your next slam, depends on the general ground. If it is more rocky, you will want to let go pressure of your shovel D handle, otherwise it will send a powerful shock, up your arm and into your entire body, and most likely soon lead to tendonitis <il> throughout your arm.

< best plantable spot!! while area and line planting

< other planter can plant straight down along your line, bordering their open area so to speak, if they feel more comfortable planting off their own trees.

< plotting yourself, quality control

This researcher <il-to ext link..> goes into greater detail about suggested exercises. One planter said she tried it and it didn’t seem to help her, arguing that the movements of treeplanting are so specific that you cannot prepare for it, but I believe that building up your legs and arms could never hurt. I would suggest lots of pushups and dips, and lots of walking up and down stairs. Developing these muscles while planting will only cost you lots of money over the season. Treeplanting does not seem so cardio-vascular, so I wouldn’t bother jogging but save something like that for the stair climbing. Squeezing a tennis ball and exercising your wrists could also prove useful.

Also, take the GSM <.. pills for your joints starting three weeks prior to planting. The joints are the most strained and vulnerable, and can shut you down completely from days to weeks.


We are a family operation managing private custom boat tours in the beautiful Palawan area, and are happy to help travelers with their plans through the country, having traveled a lot of it ourselves and planning to visit it all. The pages in this section concern when I was treeplanting in Canada over eight summers.