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My very own video. Amazing what you can do with an old digital camera and free editing software.

Below are some good ones I’ve found on the net. The left column shows a rating system, 10 being the highest, and I tried to organise them usefully. If you have any suggestions of good tree planting videos, let me know!


A good overall video showing the lifestyle and kooky types of people you’ll meet there.

Rock star goes treeplanting as part of his tour of the worst jobs in the world. Good introduction and some lessons how to plant.

Like a trailer for a movie, gives a little feel what the lifestyle is like.

Gives you an indication what kind of nut you have to be to endure this job.

Coastal Planting

Not a great video but shows what it’s like to plant on the coast and the art of maneouvering efficiently around obstacles.

Perhaps a bit boring, but another good example of coastal planting.

Fast Planting

Scenes of fast planters. Reveals the psychology of what’s behind fast planting. Constantly thinking about every shaved second.

No nonsense and fast planter. Always looks easier than it is.

Slow Planters

For your comparison, what a lowballer (slow planter) looks like and the speed you can expect to plant as a beginner – disoriented, always wondering where you should plant next….

Shovel Cam!

Another fast planter, but this time from the perspective of the shovel. Shows the mind numbing nature of the job.

Video camera strapped to a fast planter’s head, can show you the mindlessness of endlessly hunting for the next plantable spot and how mundane this job can become.

Another fast planter with a camera strapped to his head. Shows the mind numbing nature of the job and the constant hunt for the next spot. Video quality not very good.

Jungle Planting

What it’s like when there’s a lot of green to plant through.

Bugs, bugs, bugs…

Not a thrilling video, but can give a glimpse of the unrelentless and incessant mosquitos, just another factor which can take your mind over the edge.

Another video on bugs, this time on black flies, which get into your eyes while the mosquitos pierce your back.

Home » Treeplanting » Treeplanting Videos
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