How to treeplant

How to Treeplant – Planning Your Next Tree Planting Spot


Planting your tree all begins as soon as you finish planting your last one, since this is often the best time to start planning your next spot and how to get there.

Usually while you are putting your tree into the ground, or as you rise up to depart to your next spot. Usually you would fill your piece along the back of it, or plant along the contour of a hill, or along some major obstruction, like a lake, in which case you would be filling in some general direction. Most often you are planting “off of” your previous line, as explained in the previous page. When choosing your next spot, you might often triangulate between your last (present) tree and a tree in your previous line. As mentioned before, it does not have to be exact, so while you are planting your tree or finishing up to start moving to your next plantable spot, you already know what general direction you are heading and can quickly scan your immediate terrain to plan your route and decide roughly where you want to position your tree. This is because your route may be obstructed by some slash, and from a distance of roughly 2.5 metres (the average prescribed spacing between planted trees) you should already have an idea where the best plantable spot is. Having this rough strategy in your mind will help you avoid wasting time like some rookies who stand up erect after they successfully plant a tree and scratch their head wondering where to go next.


When spacing off your previous trees, some planters like to drop ribbons to help them see their previous trees. With a razor blade they might cut grooves into the rolls of ribbon to make it easier to rip off little chunks without struggling with it. Every nanosecond savings counts!





Getting to Your Next Treeplanting Spot


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