Research on different elements of healing.

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    While traveling through the Philippines, why not get a technical cleaning, or more serious work? You will get a great job and save tons of money. At the bottom of this page you will find contact details to a good dentist in Coron, a popular tourist destination, but before that, might as well make a good story out of it! Growing up in Ottawa, Canada, I remember loving milk, drinking lots of it, and one dentist remarked I have such perfect and strong teeth because of the minerals in Ottawa’s water. Most of my life dentists were always amazed whenever they peered their stethoscope into my oral cavity. Fast forward…

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    Colloidal Silver

    The reason I wanted to give this substance a try is because I had been struggling with a wart on my foot for almost two years. For half a year I had tried everything possible, including big pharma, as you can see from the pictures on this facebook album. Until I got desperate enough to try cannabis oil, which a friend of mine has been using to heal people of cancer and all sorts of other horrible diseases all over the world. In ten days flat it got rid of most of my wart and I was able to walk comfortably again, but it was buried deep, right down to the bone,…