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Custom private or group tours between El Nido and Coron (suggested sample itinerary) – best prices in the industry. Check out how we compare against our competition, who don’t even offer private custom tours (other number of days are also possible)!

our prices

These are all-inclusive prices which include three hearty meals a day, all the entrance fees and basic accommodation in hotels, bamboo huts or in tent on the beach with mattresses, sheets and pillows. Or you can stay in fancy accommodation of your choosing – we’re flexible and aim to please!

Boat tours between El Nido and Coron in Palawan, Philippines for as little as 1000p ($22).Discover beautiful Palawan with a group or private custom boat tour between El Nido and Coron for as little as $25/day, all-inclusive tour! Or local Coron boat tours only, or in other areas of the country.

Get an instant price quote for a private tour (or click this big button below), or join or form your own group, or the party boat tour where you can go for free! Check out our videos page!


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Contrary to other operators, our tours are not packaged. You can hire your own boat for as little as 45,000p for a four day tour (price is per boat, not person) – get instant quote. Roughly 5k for each additional or less day. You can invite others to join, or keep it private/closed. Choose which spots to go to and proceed at your own pace. Check out the great testimonials from our customers.

Here is a drone video by one guest on a boat trip through this magical area:

More videos here, or for those who like pictures, check out these on our facebook page:


Meals are 200p each (includes fruits and other snacks) and the boats are equipped with tents, snorkeling gear, mattresses and sheets. Wakeboards and speargun available on request.

Here are some suggested stops you can visit or sleep at, more details for each stop here (part of the booking process, as you will be able to choose your exacts stops of interest, if you so wish):


Sibaltan <> Coron – 45,000p/boat for a four day tour (capacity 8-12), 5k extra or less for each additional or less day. 1,000p extra for each additional person above one. Number of days and routes, starting points and destinations very flexible, get instant quote!

Local Linapacan day tour – generally 700p/pax, 1500p minimum, and includes lunch – more details. Various ferry options to get here from either El Nido or Coron, 1,500p/pax, or 700p/pax if going through San Fernando, just east of El Nido.


Check out the below video for excerpts of a 6 day, 8 island hopping tour of the area to see how clear the water is, a glimpse of some of the many paradise and undeveloped islands, and the endless amount of excellent snorkeling:

Below are samples of what you will be able to experience among the hundreds of islands in this area.




Sleep on deserted islands to yourselves



Fresh seafood caught by local fishermen


Experience rural Filipino life


Caves to explore





A lone caretaker’s hut where he lives with his wife and daughter on one of the deserted islands
(200 hectares with four private beaches)


Snorkeling in Linapacan, clearest waters in the world.








And while you’re at it, make sure to drop by our kitesurfing nature sports camp!


There is also diving (two shipwrecks) and the Old Spanish Fortress in Linapacan and
climbing island rock faces that plunge straight into the ocean (pictures coming up).

Or check out our suggested travel itinerary for the Palawan area.


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Boat tours itinerary between El Nido and Coron



This page gives a general impression of what is offered on our private or group, custom boat tours between El Nido and Coron. The same as that offered by everyone else, since the best spots are the same, except that our tours are completely customisable. No rushing with the pack, go at your own peace and leisure. We can pick you up and drop you off at the fanciest resorts (our recommended options), or you might be content with our basic default options, such as tents on beach, simple hotels or bamboo huts. Make sure to check out the general conditions.

In addition to our suggested travel itinerary to the entire Palawan area, this page covers a suggested itinerary what concerns our custom private or group tours between El Nido and Coron. Most of our customers are interested in tours from El Nido to Coron or vice versa, so lets focus on that, although the information here can be useful for smaller customized tours within it.
By the way, here are our general prices compared to the competition:

our prices

First of all, where to start? Coron or El Nido (where we also organise tours)?

Coron to El Nido tour

Drone shot of a ship wreck in Black Island, Coron

This direction is generally better because, starting December of 2019, the authorities have come up with a troublesome rule whereby entry tickets to the popular Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoons and Barracuda Lake are valid only for a single day. Therefore, it is not possible to buy these tickets in advance and use them for our tours starting in the south (El Nido). For such tours, others options are available, as explained in the next section.

Note that many of these sites can be flooded with tourists, so if your prefer to get off the beaten path, just tell your boatman your preferences and they’ll help you choose the perfect route for you!

View at the top of Kayangan Lake, Coron

Girl friends from Singapore having fun in Twin Lagoon

Besides being able to see these spots on the way south, another good reason for starting your tour in Coron is that the boats generally depart next to the public market. Meaning that if you have any special culinary requests, you can pick out your goodies from a rich assortment of fresh seafoods, meats and vegetables prior to launch. The crew will be happy to cook them for you on the boat. If you prefer fancier food for an additional price, you may inform your boatman.

If your schedule permits, there are some other sites around Coron which are not on the way south but worth a visit, and which we can arrange as separate tours prior to heading south.

El Nido to Coron tour

This was my previous favourite, because if you have time, I found it nice to end your visit to the Palawan area by taking an overnight ferry from Coron to Manila. They have nice cabins if you want an upgrade, and it can be fun with the karaoke party in the evening, where guests can sing in between the professionally hired singers. I find this a fun, relaxing way to complete your visit to the area, as opposed to flying back.

Note that our tours both start and end in Sibaltan, a nice archaeological village with much nicer beaches than El Nido and a nice chill spot to relax before heading north. Furthermore, there are many more islands and snorkeling spots to see on the east side of the peninsula, where the waters are much calmer than the open ocean on the El Nido side of the peninsula, and it is only a one hour van ride from El Nido.

The only downside is that, due to the regulations described in the Coron to El Nido section above, it is not possible to visit those popular spots near Coron as part of your multi-day tour, although:

  • it is possible to visit Twin Lagoons if you go by the back entrance;
  • on the way up you can see a lot of nice spots such as Malcapuya Island, Banana Island and Bulog Dos, which can be far and more expensive to visit from Coron;
  • you can see many more spots around Coron with a full day tour starting from Coron, which we can also organise; and
  • the three spots mentioned above are rather touristy and not such must-sees compared to the many beautiful spots along our multi-day tour which are pristine, off the beaten path and where it might be rare to see a single tourist.

Some of the beautiful spots you may see along our multi-day tour

Magransing Island

Wakesurf or wakeboard surf anywhere along the way!

Mix shots around Patoyo Island

Maosonon Island

Cliff diving

Araw Beach

Dimancal Island

Dimansig Island

Bulog Dos Island

Malcapuya Island

The sand in Malcapuya island is so powdery fine that you just want to eat it

Banana Island

Skeleton Ship Wreck

Ending the day with a colorful sunset

More info on our private or group, custom boat tours (El Nido, Coron, and in between)
Suggested travel itinerary for all of Palawan
We can also organise for you private or joiner El Nido only tours, on Coron only

Or go ahead and…


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El Nido to Coron Island Hopping Boat Tours


Paradise boat tour in the clearest waters

Have you ever been to a paradise? I mean, to a place with deserted islands, white sand beaches, clear blue waters, nipa huts and untouched coral reefs? The tropical paradise of Palawan in the Philippines was once again voted the “world’s best island” by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine. Palawan ranked first in Travel + Leisure’s World Best Island list for 2017, which is based on readers’ ratings, getting a score of 93.15. It grabbed the No. 1 spot in 2016 and in 2013.

El Nido to Coron Island Hopping Boat Tours view from above

However, despite of being the world’s best island for several years, Palawan went down to the second spot this 2019 next to Sri Lanka. According to Travel+Leisure’s “The World’s Best Awards 2019.” The list, based on the travel website’s reader’s picks, considers “activities and sights, natural attractions and beaches, food, friendliness, and overall value.”, Rappler.

El Nido to Coron Island Hopping Boat Tours sunset party

I think one of the reasons is the uncontrollable increasing number of tourists visiting Palawan each year. This plummeting of statistics of visitors made Palawan government more conscious now about protecting the coral reefs and lagoons. In El Nido, you can only visit one lagoon each day unlike few years ago when I first went there, we visited the Small and Big Lagoon on the same island hopping boat tour.

El Nido to Coron Island Hopping Boat Tours many islands

How to book a custom private multi-day boat tour between El Nido and Coron

There is tons to see between El Nido and Coron, around a thousand islands in this area, mostly pristine paradise beaches and undeveloped. If you are the kind of person who gets tired of being with the crowds when doing island hopping boat tour, our affordable customized private multi-day island hopping boat tour between El Nido (Sibaltan) and Coron is perfect for you!

You can check out this itinerary suggestion off the beaten track ideas between Puerto Princesa and Manila, an increasingly popular tourist route and which includes El Nido and Coron.

El Nido to Coron Island Hopping Boat Tours beautiful lagoons

When you book our island hopping boat expedition between El Nido (Sibaltan) and Coron, you can customize it. You can either start in Coron or in Sibaltan. Sibaltan is an hour away by van from El Nido town – do not worry about getting there. We can arrange a private van transfer for you at around 2,500 pesos good for nine people.

El Nido to Coron Island Hopping Boat Tours secret coves

With our El Nido to Coron multi-day island hopping boat tour, you can choose from having private, open, joiner and even party boat tour.

El Nido to Coron Island Hopping Boat Tours natural huts and living

El Nido to Coron Island Hopping Boat Tours sleep on the beach

All inclusive boat tours

This multi-day island hopping boat tour includes basic accommodation for 500 pesos/night/person where you can sleep in a tent with mattress  or in nipa huts. If you want a fancier accommodation, that is also possible as long as you book it yourself.

El Nido to Coron Island Hopping Boat Tours healthy eating

Custom cuisine

When it comes to food, our usual price is 250 pesos/person/meal. It is a basic meal, with some rice and fresh-caught fish. But if you want a fancy meal, you may inform your boatman about this and just pay extra.

El Nido to Coron Island Hopping Boat Tours fresh seafood

Philippines is composed of thousands of islands and surrounded by the ocean, hence, it is rich in seafood. I have traveled in few countries and nothing could compare to how delicious and inexpensive seafood are in the Philippines.

El Nido to Coron Island Hopping Boat Tours relax in paradise

Other activities on your boat tour

Fishing is one of the main livelihoods of locals in Palawan. Buying seafood directly from these local fishermen could save you a lot of money. Just ask your boatman about it. They said food is comforting, isn’t it? From crabs, oyters, green shells, small and big fishes to squids, it will make your boat tour extra special. Please, also DO NOT FORGET to ask one of our boat crews to climb a coconut tree for you and get you a fresh coconut juice. Furthermore, if you have any food preferences, do not hesitate to tell your assigned boatman.

El Nido to Coron Island Hopping Boat Tours fresh coconuts

Fresh fruits abound

As a tropical country, we are also known to have the sweetest mangoes in the world. Guimaras is a place where you can find the sweetest mangoes but Palawan is also known for it. Mangoes in Palawan can be bought in much lower price during its season especially during April to May.

El Nido to Coron Island Hopping Boat Tours healthy eating

El Nido to Coron Island Hopping Boat Tours stress releasing

So, while you are visiting our country, Philippines, do not hesitate so treat and splurge yourself with our fresh and affordable seafood. Most importantly, explore pristine paradise beaches away from crowds with our multi-day island hopping boat tour. As a result, you cannot stop yourself from telling your friends how amazing your vacation was in Palawan, Philippines. Book your unforgettable boat tour with us by clicking the photo below!

Palawan custom private boat tours

Marriage Proposal Package in Palawan

Marriage proposal in Philippines paradise

Are you planning to “seal the deal”? Do not know how and where to do it? Do not worry! We got you covered. Island Hopping in the Philippines is happy to announce that we can help you arrange your start to the road of forever, marriage proposal!

Romantic strolls on the beach in Marriage Proposal Package in Palawan while Island Hopping.

Pristine paradise for the perfect proposal

Philippines has thousands of stunning, clear water islands and lagoons, especially between El Nido and Coron, Palawan. It does not just have exquisite pristine beaches but also way more affordable than Maldives and Bali. Proposing in a fancy resort or restaurant is already too mainstream and to think about it, it is also very expensive. There is not much better and romantic way other than by proposing to your loved one in a paradise.

Make the perfect proposal in Marriage Proposal Package in Palawan while Island Hopping.

Imagine, you island hop in some beautiful islands and finish with a surprise marriage proposal in one of the beautiful islands in either Coron or El Nido. If you want to get fancier, we also have multiday tours between El Nido and Coron where you can do island hopping in more secluded islands away from crowds.

Bliss in Marriage Proposal Package in Palawan while Island Hopping.

Privacy is the key for the ideal marriage proposal

We offer private boat tours in El Nido, Coron and multi-day tours in between which you can customize the way you want. Meaning, you may choose which islands you would like to visit and where you would like to propose. With private boat tours, you are in charge of your own time, you do not need to rush and you can leave earlier than joiner tours. You can even camp out on your own deserted island!

Tie the know in Marriage Proposal Package in Palawan while Island Hopping.

Sadly, before, in Coron, you may leave as early as 7am but due to the new management, all boats need to be checked out by the coast guards at 8am, but it is still good because joiner tours usually leave at 9am or 9:30am. Moreover, our boatman will take you first to less crowded places in case you start later than 8am. Surely it is a WIN WIN! Or if you choose the multiday tours between El Nido and Coron, you have 52 isolated and often desolate islands to play with.

Express your love through Marriage Proposal Package in Palawan while Island Hopping.

However, if you have not researched which island is perfect for your proposal, I personally would recommend Banol Beach if in Coron. At around 3pm there are fewer people left on the island. Even way better if you do it in Banol beach just in time for the sunset. Isn’t it more romantic with the sunset in the background and a heart-shape of rose petals in the sand? Simple yet so romantic that your partner could only say “YES!”.

Romantic escapades on Marriage Proposal Package in Palawan while Island Hopping.

If you are only visiting El Nido, between the three tours, Tour A, B and C, Tour B would be the most suitable for marriage proposals. If you have suggestions or questions, we will always find ways to make it happen. So, book your private boat tour with us + romantic package. May it be wedding anniversary, honeymoon, birthday or marriage proposal, we find ways!

Palawan boat tours at Marriage Proposal Package in Palawan while Island Hopping.

Experience the thrill of island hopping in the Philippines

Combination Tour – El Nido plus Multiday Tour (Sibaltan to Coron)



Palawan is a beautiful place to start your travels when visiting Philippines. It has a lot to offer! From Puerto Princessa, Sabang, Port Barton and to the famous destinations like El Nido and Coron, two weeks in the Philippines will never be enough. There are thousands of islands to explore as well as lagoons and ship wrecks. But do not worry, we will help you island hop to these exquisite beaches and crystal blue water lagoons without missing them while moving from one place to another and most importantly, away from crowds.

Secluded places on Combination El Nido Tour plus Multiday Tour to Coron.

My husband, Karel, used to live in a beautiful island with powdery white sand and pristine waters for two years. This island is infamous that most people who are taking the fast ferry from either Coron to El Nido or El Nido to Coron have been missing it out. Not only this island that they have missed out but many more. As a result, he came up with an idea which you still can do island hopping from Coron to El Nido or vice versa without missing these stunning and off the beaten islands.

Breath-taking beauty on Combination El Nido Tour plus Multiday Tour to Coron.

With our multiday tours, you can island hop from Coron to Sibaltan or the other way. Sibaltan is an hour away by van from El Nido town which is not that much. There is no fixed schedule of vans going to Sibaltan from El Nido town but we can arrange a private transfer for you for only 2,500pesos.

There are 82 islands along the way and you can see as many as you want. Comfortably, we recommend visiting three to four islands to really have the most of your experience in each island without rushing. There are many things to do during this multiday tour. The most common one is snorkeling. If you are looking for some adventure, you can do cliff diving on a natural big stone formation along the way. If you want to experience how to catch your own fresh fish, we have spear guns for rent.

 Rent our speargun on Combination El Nido Tour plus Multiday Tour to Coron.
Spear gun

For some sporty people, our wakesurf board and wakeboard are perfect for you. Might be hard to be able to stand up while the boat is moving when it is your first time so this is quite challenging. Also, this is quite exhausting because you are using your whole body especially your arms and your abdomen but it is DEFINITELY FUN! Something different to do other than snorkeling.

Rent our wakesurf board on Combination El Nido Tour plus Multiday Tour to Coron.

Rent our wakeboard on Combination El Nido Tour plus Multiday Tour to Coron.

It's more fun in the Philippines.

To those who would want to explore some mangroves or the surrounding island in a relaxing way, we have kayaks available for you.

Rent our kayak on Combination El Nido Tour plus Multiday Tour to Coron.

At the end of the day, if you are tired from doing all these activities in the water, you can just lie on the beach, getting some sun tan while drinking some fresh coconut juice.

Fresh cocnuts on Combination El Nido Tour plus Multiday Tour to Coron.

TIP: You can request to your boatman to get you some fresh coconuts directly from a coconut tree. Yes! It is possible and in some islands it is for FREE but some may charge you around 20-30pesos each which is still cheaper than buying it in a restaurant.

Beautiful drone shots on Combination El Nido Tour plus Multiday Tour to Coron.Barakuda Lake, Coron, Palawan


Secluded lagoons on Combination El Nido Tour plus Multiday Tour to Coron.

If you are staying for few days in El Nido, we also have private and joiner island hopping boat tours. In our private boat tour, it is possible to combine some spots from tour A with tour B or tour A with tour C. In our page, just click the route that you want and the tours. For El Nido day trips and multiday tour, please click Combination El Nido and multiday tour and submit route.

Get away from it all on Combination El Nido Tour plus Multiday Tour to Coron.

Twin Lagoon, Coron, Palawan

Sandbars to stroll along on Combination El Nido Tour plus Multiday Tour to Coron.
Snake Island, El Nido, Palawan – Tour B

TAKE NOTE: Our boats start and stop in Sibaltan, not El Nido, because there are many islands to visit on the east side of the peninsula, the waves can get rough in the open ocean on the west side of the peninsula, and El Nido is much farther than Sibaltan by boat, so your tour would have to be much more expensive. From Sibaltan it is an easy one hour van ride to or from El Nido and you will find some contact information to vans on the Sibaltan page:
If you have the time, this archaeological village is also well worth visiting or very nice to stay at for at least one night.

Experience paradise on Combination El Nido Tour plus Multiday Tour to Coron.

So which one would you prefer? Taking a fast ferry or island hop to these beautiful beaches and experience real island life? If you chose the latter, just click the photo below and it will guide you through the process.
Book a Combination El Nido Tour plus Multiday Tour to Coron

Custom private or group kitesurfing or kiteboarding boat tour expeditions between El Nido and Coron



Imagine endless virgin kitesurfing territory through one of the most beautiful places in the world, sprinkled with 82 islands of beach paradise. When you’ve had enough of kitesurfing you can snorkel in fantastically clear waters, explore caves, cliff dive, and experience Filipino rural life off the beaten path. 

You can check out the different kitesurfing camps along our route to get a general idea of the different conditions. Cuyo is the best and most consistent, but a bit hard to get to and not along our own route. During the right time of year (below paragraph) there is plenty of wind along our route and the experience is that much better because of the variety and more things to do.

Unfortunately, our two sails have been eaten by ants and I no longer manage my kitesurfing camp, but if you bring your own gear and come at the right time of year (usually around November to end of February – check out weather forecast), you are guaranteed to have a bombastic time. 

Check out this video of a Brazilian couple who enjoyed kitesurfing in virgin waters off a deserted island across from our old kitesurfing camp:

Your boat captain always knows where are the good beaches to launch from, depending on the weather and direction of wind, and there are many places along our route. Check out more info on our general route with our private custom boat tours, or you can join or form a group to reduce costs. 

Generally the boat (with captain and about four crew) by itself costs 45,000p (about $900) for four days, plus or minus 5,000p for each additional or less day, plus 1,000p for each additional person above one, plus 200p/meal/person, plus an average of 500p/person/night for accommodation. You can stay in a tent on a beach, on the boat for free, up to very fancy resorts. The choice is up to you as our tours are completely customisable. 

AND! For a change of pace or if the winds are not strong enough, you can use your kiteboard as a wakeboard. We also have two you can rent, as well as two wakesurf boards.

For an instant quote just fill in the form here, as it depends on your chosen route, number of days and number of people. It will automatically calculate approximate food costs each, accommodation, some popular places if you want to visit those, to give you a total per person cost. Let us show you around paradise!


Multi-day party boat tour expedition between El Nido and Coron


Go on an all-inclusive four or five day party boat tour between El Nido and Coron for as little as $25 per day (or for free if you round up enough people for us)! Chat with others to form a group according to your available schedule. Camp on remote beaches under the stars after an evening around the fire and live music.


See fantastic snorkeling in the clearest waters in the world. Get off the grid and experience unspoiled nature in rural Philippines, where you can party with the locals. Our boat is equipped with many games, such as paddle board tennis on the beach, volleyball with net, bocce ball, frisbees, decks of cards, even beach bowling with coconuts and plastic bottles! You can even request a kayak, wakeboards and wakesurf boards for unlimited use during your multi-day tour!

A bit of wakesurfboarding around Coron

The tour costs as little as 12,000p for a four day tour, less than half the price of the competition, and includes food, accommodation, entrance fees and as much booze as you can handle. And for each person you can bring with you, we’ll give you a 1,000p discount. Meaning that if you invite 12 others, your tour will be for free, or you can even earn something! When in the party towns of El Nido or Coron you could spread the news and form a group, or post requests in advance on such forums as tripadvisor in El Nido or Coron. Find people that you get along with for a great experience. You can even use our personality test if you find people online before you meet them. If you get together enough people to hire your own boat, you will be in charge of where go and the daily itinerary. Here are some of the spots you can see along the way, but there are 82 islands in total along our regular route, those being just some of the main ones.


Here’s a video of the cliff diving spot, a must see for true partiers:

Here’s a vid showing how clear the water and fantastic the snorkeling is:

Following are our prices per person in pesos based on the number of people on the tour and number of days. You can combine your tour with any other groups trying to form as shown on our boat schedules page.

* Note that this does not include transfer costs between Sibaltan (the start or end point of our tours) and El Nido, about one hour drive away. It is a great village to see or stay at, hence we leave it up to you whether you want to stay or go. Price for van is 2,000p for 1-5pax or 3,500 for 6-12pax. More vans can be arranged.

Or if you’re not in the mood for partying but would prefer to hire your own private tour for a romantic vacation or for your own family or small group of friends, check out more info here.

To join or organise a party tour, click here or this below button (alternatively you can discuss with others to form a group):


Single One Day Boat Trips Tours Between Sibaltan (El Nido) or Coron and Linapacan


Unfortunately our small boat contact is not available at the moment and our larger boats are generally too expensive for a one day trip to Linapacan. The distance from El Nido to Coron is seven hours, in which case there would be no time to stop at any of the jewels along the way. The best we can offer is a two day trip between El Nido (Sibaltan) and Coron. That would give you enough time to see some excellent sites, including some of the best around Coron. Fill in this form for an instant quote on a private custom boat tour. Each additional day costs 5,000p.

If you want to stay in Linapacan for a while, you can check out the public ferries between these locations, but they do not run every day and it is more difficult getting to or from Coron. The rest of this page will apply again once we find another small boat to work with.

Large or small boat?

The most comfortable option would be our larger boats, which can accommodate up to 20 people in good weather, 15 in harsher/bigger waves. It has bench space for 8 people and plenty of other space for comfortable sitting, or lying down, with tons of space for baggage. It also has a sun and rain shade, but if it looks like it might rain, or if it will be wavy and windy, for a more comfortable trip you are advised to bring an umbrella or some kind of rain gear (in very very wavy weather—usually around February—even snorkels to cover your eyes).

This costs 10,000p for a single day trip, plus 1,000p for each additional person above 1.

Budget travelers can take our smaller boat with a maximum capacity of 3 for

  • 5k for one person
  • 6k for two people
  • 7.5k for three people

There would be tight sitting room for three people and the boatman, with gear you will find it difficult to stretch your legs, but there is a small awning cover against the sun and rain.

Island hopping or not?


The journey by the faster big boat can take roughly 3.5 hours, while 4.5 hours for the small boat. You can alleviate this journey with a bit of island hopping for frequent trips along the way, but that would require the boatman to come the night before so that you could leave first thing in the morning. This would cost an additional 1,000p for the smaller boat or 2,000p for the larger boat. You can meet the boatman the night before, he can show you some sites around town, and it would be nice if you would buy him a beer or two. They will be sleeping on the boat. This way you can stretch out the journey to seven hours or more.

If coming from or going to Coron, you can include in that the three most popular sites: Twin Lagoons, Kayangan Lake and Malcapuya Island, which would save you money from having to hire an additional local tour for those. You can check out the boat stops page for ideas where you could take breaks along the way.

Special prices from Sibaltan (El Nido)


Sibaltan is a nice archeological village well worth visiting and located about one hour by van east of El Nido. Our boats do not go directly to El Nido because it is significantly farther, can be dangerous around the north peninsula, and all of the beautiful spots to visit are on the east side of the peninsula.

We happen to also have a couple of boats in Sibaltan (most of our boats are docked in Linapacan), so if you want a quick day trip to Linapacan, tour the area, and make it back the same day, that is possible.

* Note that prices may increase in October.


Back to Suggested Travel Itinerary for the Palawan Area

Canoeing and Kayaking


Drone video of two fellows on SUP from Coron to El Nido.
We offer kayaks as part of our private or group, custom boat tours between El Nido and Coron for 500p a day, but below you will find some info of adventurous types I have met while living for a few years on one of these paradise islands along the way. Whether it was by kayak by two Frenchmen, long board by a Czech or rubber inflatable raft holding four Russians and a keg of beer, many have made the long distance from Coron to El Nido, some even around the entire Palawan island, where 6m long alligators are said to frolic in the ocean!

Palawan was voted the best island in the world two years in a row by a major online travel magazine. Look up “clearest waters in the world” and you will find Linapacan in first place. Excellent snorkeling, 52 islands in the Linapacan area alone, many of them deserted. Sleep on your own deserted island, discover caves, a Spanish fortress, jungle trails by a local boat tour and much more.

Explore the 2,000km loop around Palawan island for the adventure of your life! Or just do some small guided tours. Over the span of a year, to our island we’ve had guests doing the entire journey, coming on kayaks, long boards or even gas propelled rafts. The only thing you need to potentially worry about is south of Puerto Princesa, where the pirates may cause you problems, or even worse the 6m long sea crocodiles! Some prefer to take their kayak across the mainland and skip the south.

Below is a map of the hot spots we recommend for our private boat tours between El Nido and Coron. Come by visit our little nature camp any time.

Below is a flier from a friend of ours who specialises in canoe and kayak trips around the Coron area, and who has equipment they can rent to you.

SeaCanoe Philippines

Welcome and Mabuhay…

Sea Canoe Philippines offers back to nature, Eco friendly ocean kayaking tours around the Calamian group of Islands.

Coron Island Sea Kayaking Day Tour

Price includes lunch, water and soft drinks, safety equipment and dry bags. Minimum 4 persons. $50/pax inclusive of entrance fees.

You will be taken by Banca to our “put-in” on a beach on Coron Island, given safety training and local area orientation by your fully trained guide. Spend the morning exploring the many coves and secret lagoons hidden from the sea, accessible only by kayak. Snorkeling opportunities abound. Enjoy a full board lunch and relax on the beach. The afternoon paddle gets more magical, the geological formations alone are truly unbelievable. Keep a close eye out for monkeys, monitor lizards, sea eagles, turtles, plus a wide variety of other bird and marine life all in their untouched natural habitat.

Return to Coron town by banca.


Four Russians once dropped by on their powered raft.
“Where’s the keg of beer?!” I asked them.

Mangrove Forest Jungle River Adventure

Price includes lunch, water and soft drinks, safety equipment and dry bags. Minimum 2 persons. $40/pax.

Paddling out of Coron town, heading north along the coast, we are quickly enveloped by pristine mangrove forest, the most fertile ecosystem in the world. Enjoy a full board lunch and relax on the beach. After lunch paddle up the mouth of a jungle river, explore the many tributaries and marvel at the diverse jungle ecosystem as the water changes from salt to fresh. Again, keep a close eye out for various wildlife, including monkeys, Dugongs, and many birds. Pick up will be by boat or truck at the bridge.

We also offer:

  • Mountain Trekking (camping)
  • Island Hopping and Overnight Beach Camping
  • Scuba Diving (macro-photography)


Two Italians dropped by once with their kayaks and stayed overnight.
They were on a long 2,000km trip around all of Palawan.

Other guided kayaking day trips and tours

  • Mangrove Forest Jungle River adventure
  • Sangat Islnd, Mangrove forest adventure

Contact us for information on our two, three, four or six day expeditions.

New in 2017, our Sunset and Sunrise Paddle Tour!

Coron Island Sunset Paddle Tour

Price includes snacks, buffet dinner, water and soft drinks, safety equipment and dry bags. Minimum four persons. $50/pax inclusive of entrance fees.

Depart at around 1pm from Coron Town by boat heading towards Coron Island, with similar activities to our Sea Kayaking Day Tour, but with different timing. You will be taken to famous tourists spots outside the usual tourist flow to avoid the big crowds and experience the serene and natural beauty, with an introduction of the local people and area. Natural history by sea kayaking, explore lagoons accessible only by kayak, a truly magical experience.

Snacks will be served in the afternoon, with early dinner served around 7pm, then head back by boat to Coron Town by around 8pm.

$80/pax, minimum four persons.

Coron Island Sunrise Paddle Tour

Depart from Coron Town around 6am and arrive back around 3-4pm. Price includes breakfast, buffet lunch and snacks, water and soft drinks, kayak, safety equipment and dry bags. Minimum 4 persons, $50/pax, including all entrance fees.


Just send us a note through our contact form and we’ll work out something for you.

ACA accredited (American Canoe Association) and qualified Macrophotography Dive Guide according to the Philippine Commission for Sports Scuba Diving and Department of Tourism.

In case you cannot contact the above, you can rent one of our own kayaks for 500p/day along our private custom or group boat tour expeditions between El Nido and Coron. 82 paradise beach islands along the way!


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