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    Boat Stops

    Araw Beach

    A nice little stop about 40 minutes past our camp in Linapacan, but you can camp overnight here as well, or sleep in their guest hut, either for about 150p/pax. They have a little store which sells beer and snacks…

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    The Linapacan area comprises of 52 paradise beach islands half way between El Nido and Coron. It is not very developed and definitely off the beaten path, but nice little resorts and hotels can be found. You can get there…

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    Boat Stops


      Located just to southwest of Linapacan, this is just another jewel with endless beaches and friendly people. Here were were treated to a nice meal from the village’s captain.   Children drying fish on the ever so present village…

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    Boat Stops


    A lovely piece of island beach owned by one of the many relatives of the boat operator. Excellent snorkeling if you’re a strong swimmer during tide changes, another beautiful place to check out on your island explorations.  

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    Boat Stops


    From image above: island just left/west of Linapacan, where the red balloon is. The village is located on a thin strip at the bottom right hand corner of the island, so lots of beach property and a short distance to…

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    Boat Stops


    This gem of an island is owned by the husband of the tour operator’s sister. I asked if I could develop it with profit sharing but he is adamant about selling only. Ten million pesos anyone? We often camp here…

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    Boat Stops

    Sitio Eli

    Unfortunately, could not find it on google maps, but below are some pics collected by the boat operator (not in picture):