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Lando, short for Orlando, is the caretaker of the property we are developing on Dimancal island. He brings in most of our supplies but has contacts for different sized boats and now helps us with boat tours as well. He is a tourist guide by trade and his English is very good.



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  • Catherine & Léo ( jeanleo02)

    Dear Lando,

    W e are Catherine and Léo and we are doing a tour with you from April 6th in morning to April 8 th in evening from Coron to El Nido, and we are very glad to meet you and chat with you.

    For Itineray we received many Information from Karel which was very helpful and we are going to follow the most suggestions he wrote

    • recommend at least a few hours to walk through the archeological village of Sibaltan, nice stretch of beach as well, can wait at one of the resorts, such as Ursula (they will probably dock at the pier, about a five minute walk away)
    • Pical on Iloc island, about 30 minutes from Sibaltan, at the house of Arcenas, the village captain. Party with him a bit and possibly lunch with him. Lovely walk on the beach and through the quaint little town: https://www.islandhoppinginthephilippines.com/palawan/ep-island-1/
    • Walk through the village of Calacala to get a rural experience
    • go to nearby island of Takling (can be Tacling on internet). Lovely snorkeling to the left as you are facing the beach.
    • lots to see in the Linapacan area, or at my own nature camp (such as wakeboarding) https://www.islandhoppinginthephilippines.com/palawan/services/
    • If possible we would like to do also a jungle trails for few hours (2-3) on one of those Islands
    For accomadation we would like to sleep at your friends in one of those village the first night and the second on desert island (maybe in Linapacan area ? )
    For meal Catherine eats everything and me Léo I don’t eat seafood I’ m allergically (schrimps, lobster..) but all kind of fish it’s ok and I love eat fish. But what about beverage water, cola, some beer ? do we bring it our selves or we can buy it at pier ?
    For Pick up we are staying in Coron but I think we can manage to come at Discovery Island Resort and Dive Center in April 6th in morning to use their pier for boarding.
    For contact please let us know isf you got this E-mail, we will also manage to get local mobile number if you have a suggestion of mobile operator who work well in Coron area please let us know

    • sailorsam

      The contact details I sent you for Lando when you successfully booked with him only included his phone number, because he does not have a smartphone or computer with which to do internet (as is the case with many of the boat operators). But you asked some good questions so I will answer myself.
      Everything is possible and you just need to arrange the details with him once you get here (or you can try Skype calling him in advance, for example).
      A Smart sim is good because it will work along most of your journey and works mostly everywhere Globe does, except for example in Sibaltan, but you are ending your tour there, so no need to worry about that.
      There are many grocery stores along the way where you can stock up on beer etc. If you like a lot of veggies, best to get them from the public market in Coron, or Lando might come the day before and you can go shopping together.

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