D tent spots (Dimancal)


At one of the posts framing the entrance to the D area.
Our guests often have fun beautifying our camp in different ways. 

D1 on beachfront

On the immediate left as soon as you pass through the gates above. A smaller tent snuggled in the shade, 600p for one person or 800p for two. Room for a hammock (we have many) just to the left of the tent.



View of the beach and the two trees next to the tent from which you can hang a hammock.


A little spot very close to shore but with no view, 400-600p.

Tent spot D 20161002_120555d


Walking further inland past that, there is an open space for several tents, a little campfire spot, and a path leading back to C or one to the other D spots (this view facing back to the beach):


D7 and D8

Tent spot D 20161002_120555c

A nice quiet space in the very back, can easily take two or more tents, room for two hammocks as shown here. 5-700p for the first tent and 4-600p for every other. Has its own fireplace as shown in picture below.

Tent spot D 20161002_120555

Nice quiet path leading off to the spot. Good for people who want more privacy. Place has nice energy and the best one inland.

Tent spot D 20161002_120555b

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