Bamboo Gymnastics Workout Station

In university in Canada I competed for three years in gymnastics. Before I started this project I traveled around the world for ten years and stayed in shape mostly by jogging barefoot on the beach and by situps, pushups, and pressing my hands together (and pulling apart) in different ways. I can teach you some basic gymnastics moves, great for working out. Very ergonomic, and much better than free weights, which are much better than a universal gym. Below you will see the high parallel bars, with a mirror in the background for motivation (or for working out when pressing against yourself) and a small bench for pushups and stomach crunches.


You can see the bamboo “rings”, excellent for pullups and other exercises, and to the left of the high parallel bars you can see the low parallel bars, which are good for handstands, an excellent workout for your forearms and other parts of the body.


One of the high parallel bar workouts, a simple swing. Much more difficult than it seems. Once you get a hang of that you can upgrade to the same exercise on the rings, which is much more difficult. Free weights are on the shopping list. For cardiovascular, you can join me for a jog/swim around the island.


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