Rent our little banca boat for a day (500p) and explore some of the nearby islands (map below). We are building jungle trails on all of them, excellent snorkeling to explore and you can even give fishing a try.





Bolina island, top left in the picture below, is apparently good for bird watching. We are located on the center island, Dimancal. You can also grab a tent with you and stay overnight if you wish.

trekking in the Philippines, Palawan


We are a family operation managing private custom boat tours in the beautiful Palawan area, and are happy to help travelers with their plans through the country, having traveled a lot of it ourselves and planning to visit it all.

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  • Mario Luzano

    I like your kayak, personally made for you. I have an extra sail from my sabot to fit your kayak. Can I bring it with me, we’ll try to make it work. It needs a bamboo mast to attached to it, about 15 feet or so.

    • sailorsam

      Sounds like an interesting plan! The problem is that with two people in the boat, the water is close to the rim and easily tips over if someone makes a sudden movement. I think that not only will a mast raise the centre of gravity, making it more unstable and prone to capsizing, but the wind will definitely push it over. 🙁 But my long term plans is to get small sailboats here, like the Lazer I used to race with when I was a kid.

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