Boat Operator Ben

Ben’s brother lives in Sibaltan, where he also has a boat, and a hut for you to sleep in the dorm loft if you’d like a rural experience for only 100-200 a night. Having a boat in Sibaltan makes it possible to take a boat trip to Linapacan or even Coron and all the way back to Sibaltan for a good price.

Pictures soon to follow but his prices are as follows (he has many sized boats, and a speedboat):

Sibaltan to Linapacan (or back), 3 days

  • big boat (maximum 8pax) – 23,000p
  • small boat (max 3pax) – 17,000p (size of waves allowing)

Sibaltan to Coron (or back – or only from Coron to Sibaltan), 3 days

  • big boat (maximum 8pax) – 30,000p
  • small boat (max 3pax) – 20,000p (size of waves allowing)

Coron to Linapacan (a little more than Sibaltan to Linapacan, due to the greater distance)

* for all of the above, 2,000p extra for each additional day.

Speedboat (waves have to be flat enough – always 4pax max)

  • Coron to Linapacan, 1 hour 10 min., 8,000p
  • Sibaltan to Linapacan, 50 min., 7,000p
  • only around Linapacan (such as wakeboarding on our kiteboards): 3,000p for half day, 4,000p for full day (plus an extra 1,000p if you want to rent our kiteboards)

Snorkels are 50p per day and the usual additional costs of 100p per meal or rental of tent and sleeping on land or a deserted island.


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