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When I was about 6 years old my mom and aunt would often ask me to give them a massage, saying I was good at it. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to sense where their pain was and apply appropriate pressure in the right places.

massage-therapy-healing-philippines-island-hoppingIn adulthood, when occasionally giving massages, people started remarking they thought I might have Reiki skills, before I ever heard of the word. By that time my massaging had advanced to combine with stretching them in strange ways, after I had spent three years competing in gymnastics at university and learning a lot about stretching and how muscle knots can develop in the body.

After combining such massages with stretching, people said they were completely drained of energy, felt very sleepy and like soft pudding. I felt I had absorbed a lot of their negative energy and would instinctively shake that out of my arms onto the ground, which I later learned is something similar to what Reiki healers do after a session.

I had one friend who seemed all bottled up in knots and he agreed to go outside with me to see if I could unravel him. After only a few moves he seemed to spring wildly like a tight sailor’s knot which had unwound himself. The bouncer standing at the door was concerned that we were getting into a fight. My friend exclaimed with great surprise how the pain in his back and limp had entirely gone away. And this is before any sort of training or much practicing at all.

crystal-healing-philippinesSince I find Theta healing much more powerful and faster in results, I now mostly use the crystals to run a diagnostic and show the client how their chakra are out of balance. Clients are welcome to borrow the crystals to balance their chakras themselves.

Eventually I moved to the beautiful Thai island of Koh Phangan and without any particular intention ended up moving to a corner of the island most frequented by all sorts of healers – Tantra, Yoga, crystal, music, Reiki, Theta, ayahuasca… you name it.

As I like to barter my skills everywhere I travel as a means to network with locals, I eventually found myself making a website for a crystal Reiki healer in Thailand. In order to write several webpages on the subject in my own words (to get to the top of the search engines), I had to read a lot of other pages to understand the concept. It is here that I learned a lot about chakras (the seven energy points in the body) and how they have an effect on our physical, mental and spiritual health.

In exchange for making the website for her she agreed to heal me and teach me some principles. On the seventh of the tenth day of my healing session, she said she will have completed the unblocking of all my chakras (important in order for me to become a healer) and that I will no longer worry about money. This did indeed happen, as until then I had lived in constant fear whether or not I would make enough money by the end of each month. I was increasingly feeling like a freer person and moving along my path to becoming a healer.

Chakra-balance-healing-philippinesChakra are the seven energy points of the body, their spinning what the crystal responds to (amazing to watch!). Theta healing sends energy from the earth and cosmos/Creator to reshape damaged or faulty molecules while the practitioner is in a theta wave meditative state – an amazing miracle to experience.

Not too long afterwards I had been invited to hear a Theta healer. For about an hour we sat around discussing, as he explained the basic principles. About half an hour in he asked if there was anyone among us who might have a problem and would like to be healed, so that he could show by example. Since no one stepped forward I meekishly and slowly raised my finger. “What is your problem, brother?” “Well, the only thing that came to my mind when you asked this is that I often have a problem that I tend to get arrogant when I start to make a lot of money, and I don’t like that.”

He went through his process, explained to my subconscious that it is okay to make money and not to feel guilty about it. At the end of the session he said that we would all feel changed. I didn’t feel any particular change, didn’t feel like leaving a donation, and went home.

ocean-Beautiful-Sunset-philippines-island-hoppingTwo days later I was watching another sunset from my workstation window, where I spend all day working on my computer, watching the sunset as part of my new routine, as I learned that this exercise opens the pineal gland.

But today the sunset was somehow different. It felt alive in the moment, so warm and melting into my core, and so beautiful that I had almost instantly begun to cry. Perhaps it was already playing at this point or soon afterwards, but a very beautiful song, Sarah, by Fleetwood Mac, came on and I decided to put it on autorepeat. I continued to ball my eyes out as thoughts flowed through my head how I had mistreated the women in my past, in particular my sister and mother. I balled like a baby for two solid hours while this song played over and over again, and it seemed I was flushing so many deep anxieties and knots out of my system.

I enjoy when I occasionally cry, because it flushes out so much stress and seems to bring me back to feeling like a baby, but this was unusual, like on steroids, and made me think it might have something to do with my Theta session two days earlier.

theta-healing-philippines-island-hoppingI tried to reconnect with the healer, but having failed that I decided I should be able to teach myself. Did some preliminary research and learned it was mostly started by a Californian woman who was suffering horribly from bone cancer in her right leg. She was limping in pain with one leg shorter (the bone had been rotting away), the doctor gave her a few months to live, but she had instantly healed herself with a combination of prayer.

As explained in my testimony, I had a close relationship with God from the getgo. It was as natural for me as breathing and made no sense to discuss with others, being so evident. Most of my life seems a process of God implanting dreams into my head, me dreaming and cherishing them as a source of inspiration when moving forward, and watching these dreams slowly unfold. My recent research into quantum physics showed that just holding onto a dream can make it come true. The universe is a product of our observation and consciousness, not that we are some accidental and meaningless biproduct of an immeasurable expansive universe. The universe behaves according to classic Newtonian physics when observed, but completely different when not observed.

I ordered the first three books from this author and they arrived within two days of when I had received the official goahead that I can start building my resort. Things seemed to be coming together in ways that I had not expected, as they often do – I find that the best approach is to float like a leaf and be open to ideas presented to you, in this way letting the wise and empathic hand of God have a greater effect in your life.

It was around this time that I had been searching for interesting things for my guests to do. I confirmed that there was a good mobile signal, so internet was taken care of. Fantastic snorkeling – check. Build extensive jungle trails in the adjoining forests – check. Beach volleyball, windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking, live music around the campfire in the evenings – check. I had begun to read her books and, totally enthralled by her words, the idea dawned onto me that I could incorporate healing and massage into my budding eco-resort. After all, so many resorts do this, and they seem to charge exorbitant sums just to include this in their menu. I am not interested in exorbitant sums, but adding this to my menu does intrigue me and has given me further motivation to learn about everything associated.


So, my good guinea pig friend, let me unravel all your knots in my little kitesurfing paradise. At some point I’d like to bring a yoga instructor on board. I will start with voluntary donations. Hope you stay at least a few days to give yourself time to discover yourself balling somewhere along the long stretch of beach. Worst case scenario you’ll have a blast in these clearest waters in the world. 🙂

Contact me for more details.

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  • Stephanie

    Hi! Just found your site through AirBnB. I’m a yoga teacher 🙂

    My partner and I are landing in Palawan today, staying until July 2. No plans yet, but we’d like to do a dive or two. Open to suggestions! Maybe I could teach some yoga classes at your resort as barter for a tour or a room?

    Thanks, Peace.

    • sailorsam

      Sorry, on a visa run in Manila at the moment and won’t be back for about two weeks. Early stages of resort still and no paying guests yet, just volunteers. But once it gets set up more, will be looking for a yoga teacher on a long term or permanent basis, with a profit sharing plan, so let me know if you might be interested!

  • Monika

    Hello islanders,

    What a beautiful story !!! We might have similar interest in healing and spreading good vibes 🙂 Like yoga has crossed my path thats healing touch. We dont choose it chose us!
    I will be runnning some events in Bali this autumn. I would love to explore more about Philippines life as I do adore people where.
    We could share some ideas, exchange energy, knowledge .. as I could contribute with my experience of running retreat as my own and I was part of Hariharalaya family in Cambodia. I was been teaching in Thailand, Cambodia and Bali on volunteering bases as well as privite clients.
    It you feel we could share the same joy and passion what we do that would be my pleasure be part of your paradise shala ..
    Love & light

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