Malcapuya Island

Malcapuya Island, tropical white sand beach paradise

Malcapuya Island secluded beach
#1 of top things to do around Coron according to Tripadvisor.

This island, along with Bulog Dos and Banana Island are part of a package offered by local tours in Coron because they are located so close to one another. Each of these stops, Bulog Dos and Malcapuya, charges an entrance fee of  200p/person, and is located close also to our recommended stop for this area, No Name island. Malcapuya Island is apparently the best of these three, and any of these four is a good stop to break up the trip into smaller parts. If you want to visit more than one stop in this area, you might not have time during the same day to also visit Araw Beach.

Malcapuya island is so far the best island I have been to near Coron. It has a long stretch beach, very unique rock formations and the island has soft white sandy beaches comparable to Boracay. Its sand is really so soft! Didn’t I just say that twice?

Malcapuya Island, enjoy the white sands

The sand is so soft that you might want to have a taste to see if it’s real sand

It is quite far to get there from Coron town. It will take maximum 2 hours by boat depending on the size of waves. I would suggest leaving early to expedite the journey because usually during early morning, the waves are calm. Another IMPORTANT TIP: I highly recommend booking a private boat tour. In this way, you can manage your time. The usual “joiner tours” with 16-22 people leave around 9:00am, in which case many boats are on board hopping from one island to another with the same itinerary and duration of stay, making the islands fully-packed of tourists.

Amazing rock formations on Malcapuya Island

Amazing rock formation I camouflaged against with my suntanned skin

Based on our experience, we left around 7:30am and we got to our first destination, Bulog Dos, after 1.5 hours. At that time we were the only ones, so we were able to take awesome photos of the sand bar and the beach without hoards of crowds in the background.

More rock formations on Malcapuya Island.

One of the huge unique rocks found in Malcapuya Island

If you are visiting Coron with a limited schedule, you should not miss visiting this island. It is quiet, clean and something unique from the touristy lakes in Coron.

Go for a casual stroll on Malcapuya Island.

Enjoy the white long stretch beach of Malcapuya Island

Wonderful views on Malcapuya Island.

Look at these amazing nature-made rock formations – it’s Instagram-worthy!

Bask in the sun on Malcapuya Island.

Unspoiled beach with fifty shades of clear blue water

Forget about it all on Malcapuya Island.

Enjoy the whole beach away from the crowds by booking a private boat tour with us!

This one has an entrance fee of 200p, but they have begun work on a new resort, so it is uncertain how long it will remain open to the public (check out the Tripadvisor link above to make sure).

Nature cottages on Malcapuya Island.

At the moment it offers accommodation as explained on (TravelUp pics):

  • Our room for the night was a simple cottage by the beach, an enclosed thatched hut with an electric fan and a mattress on the floor. Cost for cottage rental was P750/person.
  • There are two restrooms with open air showers a few meters away from the huts.
  • The island does not have electricity, but they have a generator which provides light and electricity at night.
  • There are outlets in the huts where you can charge phones and camera batteries.
  • You can also opt to stay in a simple house-for-rent on an elevated portion a few meters from the shoreline, which has a single room, basic yet comfortable beds, and a decent restroom.

Rather undeveloped at the moment, which only adds to its charm, with many deserted and protected beaches.

Quiet getaway on Malcapuya Island.

Peaceful times on Malcapuya Island.

To get here you can join or book one of our private custom Palawan boat tours between El Nido and Coron, or Coron only tours. Tons of paradise beach islands to see along the way, excellent snorkeling in crystal clear waters, caves to explore, Spanish fortress and much more. Completely off the beaten path. You can even rent one of our wakesurf or wakeboards for a total blast drag through paradise!

Palawan boat tours to Malcapuya Island

Experience the thrill of island hopping in the Philippines

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  1. I get so annoyed with selfish tourists who spend their money to travel to one of the greatest destinations in the world, and then complains about a tiny 200 peso entrance fee to have the privilege of visiting these beautiful islands.
    Think about it, you people have jobs to pay you a wage so you get to travel to these islands, but think about those poor Filipino families who basically have nothing, do you see them sad, do you not see them greet you people when you arrive, and do you ever stop to think that the small entrance fee that you pay is going towards the locals as well.
    Stop bitching about a few pesos and pay the entrance fees and make a Filipino local happy.

    1. Only corrupt mismanaged countries would ask entrance fees of their tourists. These entrance fees go to the crooked and corrupt govt officials pockets, and not the poor pilipino families. Not everyone is so stupid to believe this money goes to legitimate causes

      1. This is nonsense. These islands are private and the owners can charge whatever they want for tourists to enjoy them. Or even if some are not private and the government charges to get on, anywhere you go in the world and want to enjoy coral reefs and nature’s beauty, usually you have to pay. Fortunately there are lots of islands along our routes which do not charge, but the ones near the tourist towns generally do.

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