Affiliate program for boat tours and other services

This affiliate program was set up primarily for our boat tour services:

boat tours price el nido coron island hopping philippines

for which we are offering a 10% referral rate (although more is possible), meaning you would get $250 dollars for every sale. But we plan to expand our site and services throughout this country, which with its more than 7,000 paradise beach islands and English as an official language, seems destined to become a top tourist hotspot in the world.

For this purpose we use a plugin which logs the path a visitor takes in our site before it fills in a contact form, anywhere on our site. This way, once a visitor lands on an affiliate entry page, s/he can freely surf our site and we will always know from where they originally came, to give you your commission when a sale is made.

Here is our first sample from Teacake Travels, who is linking to our affiliate page made for her. For SEO purposes, we always read the promotional page it will be linking from, to get inspiration, and then write up original content for that particular affiliate page, such as this example for Teacake. Then, whenever the visitor fills in one of our contact forms, we can see the path they took, as shown here:

Affiliate program boat tours services sample

Every time someone will contact us as a result of your affiliate link, we will inform you about it. This way you can test this principle yourself occasionally. Based on past years experience (although this year we have increased our prices to cover the affiliation) and because our prices for private tours are very competitive, we found that 40-50% of initial queries turned into a sale.

If you would like to take part in this affiliate program, we’d be happy to hear from you!

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