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    Sangat Island Dive Resort

    Sangat Resort If you are on one of our island hopping boat tours, we always like to recommend this resort as a place to stay, as it fits in perfectly with the theme of our tours: off the beaten path and a peaceful paradise. Our tours usually start and end in Coron Town Proper, at the shore next to the public market, near where the Sangat Island Dive Resort can pick you up or drop you off by van, depending on which direction your tour is going (El Nido to Coron or Coron to El Nido). Since we cooperate with them we can help you make the transfer seamless. Here…

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    Boatmen’s special

    For our private custom boat tours between El Nido and Coron, we have suggested accommodation for those who want something special or fancy (you must reserve those yourself), but if you’re not picky and are happy with off the beaten path places known by the boatman (not possible or difficult to book or reserve by yourself), this page shows some of the places they can offer. When you book a tour, you will be able to communicate with the boatman (usually by Facebook) and can specify what places you like in advance, to give them a chance to book for you. Generally it is around 300p/person to stay in tent,…