Cuyo is a small island in the open ocean, so the winds are consistent, making it a good spot for kitesurfing. And unlike Boracay, it is not so well known, so you can expect a lot more space. As one website wrote, when comparing the different surfing spots in the country: What to Expect:  There … Read more

Explore the Philippines


  Since I have married a Filipina and found a new life and business partner, I have moved this content to the Travel Tours and Packages in the Philippines page, where you will find the latest info. I am excited to travel around the country with my wife, expanding the tours we offer, which mostly … Read more

Busuanga Island


You can rent a bike from the Brujita place according to the Coron page, or just ask around. The following was recommended to me by a local friend. I like to use, because it does not require internet but only gps. During the rainy season (June to Novemberish), be careful of wet, soft, muddy … Read more