Best Activities to Enjoy While in Boracay

Boracay best activities 1. Binge-Eating in Boracay You can always find a place to eat on Boracay Island that will suit your tastes. Everything from authentic Filipino food to Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Mediterranean and Indian restaurants can be found on the island. A trip to Boracay wouldn’t be complete without dining on some of the … Read more

A Guide to Boracay Island

Wander Around White Beach

Boracay Island Guide Boracay Island is a tropical paradise with pristine sands, a clear blue sea, and stunning sunsets. It’s also not too far away, making it ideal for first-time tourists, groups of friends, or a romantic trip for two. Boracay has changed dramatically over the years. It grew from a previously unknown island inhabited … Read more

Seco Island, a Pristine Sandbar Haven in Antique

seco island in antique

Seco Island, Visayas Seco Island is a little island off the west coast of Panay island in the middle of the ocean, miles from land and civilization, with the kind of pristine beauty that can only be discovered in isolation. Indeed, God has a way of keeping His finest works safe, and that involves putting … Read more