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work while you travel job - meI’ve been working while traveling for the past five years and looking for a nice female friend to travel with. I’m a nice and respectable guy and you can check out what others say about me on my facebook or couchsurfing profiles. With this following link you can read about my cheap Europe travels so far (where you will find lots of pictures of my travels).

Up until now I have been traveling in my home-made caravan but in the fall of 2011 I plan to move to Asia for a couple of years. I can pay for all your accommodation, transport and food costs, perhaps a few beers if you really do not want to work, and offer you some computer work, or teach you how to earn 120 Euro for a day of 6-7 hours work (translations). The computer work is varied and you can choose from a long list and work any time you want, always paid by the hour. I am a computer guru and you can learn a lot from me.

Until November, when I plan to fly to Asia, I expect to be somewhere around Varvara (just north of Ochtopol) enjoying the south Bulgarian Black Sea coast. I am parked in a nature preserve overlooking the sea while there is a little town within walking distance where lots of cool Bohemian-type people come in the summer, and friendly gypsies play live music in the streets.

work while you travel job - home-made caravan

If you are interested in this please send me your picture so we can start emailing. If the conversation sounds interesting I can drive somewhere to meet you, or you can come for a visit down to the coast. As you can see from my couchsurfing profile above I accept a lot of visitors over the summer, I have three tents and there is plenty of room in the truck. Obviously we would need to meet, become friends and trust each other first before we set out into the world, so hopefully there will be enough time! At the end of my Asia tour I wanted to moped across Indonesia and visit a friend in Australia, hopefully New Zealand, one or two years in Africa for my charity project there, maybe two years in South America (where I would like to buy another caravan), Sri Lanka for a bit, and then a big tour of Western Europe, back in my truck. In Asia I have friends in Mongolia, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and will be traveling with some veterans who apparently know where all the great little spots are. Perhaps end up on an island in the northern Philippines, where my “billion dollar friend” lives in his palace. He says it is really cheap there and everyone speaks English.

I like to float around with no specific agenda, and let the wind and local advice blow me around. I also do a lot of research before entering a country or region. If you are the Bohemian (I was born in Prague) and adventurous type, and do not mind work on the computer, I think you will love this style of living, as I do.

I can’t imagine ever wanting to settle down (although I would like to become “uncle Karel” at a few orphanages here and there), as I want to experience the entire world, but you can join me for a leg of your choosing. I think I would enjoy my traveling three times more if I were traveling with a nice female. Although I find it easy to make friends, there are some lonelier moments, and generally I find it more rewarding to share the experiences with someone – even some male friends who have joined me for a while. This is my primary motivation. Also, when traveling with a nice female, I find it so much easier to meet people, and things generally open up for me. A lone male stranger walking into a new town can appear a little intimidating, and I tend to be generally shy about approaching people I don’t know.

Below are some pictures of my travels and below that the contents of this page when I first started it. I add and tweak it over time, and it is good to leave old content on it, for the search engines. Looking forward to communicating with you!

work while you travel job - construction chicks

In the Rodopi mountains of Bulgaria

[The following no longer applies as it related to when I was traveling in a caravan.] You would need to have an EU or similar passport to facilitate the crossing of borders.

After my one year stay in Bulgaria, originally I thought I might drive down to Sicily and spend some time there. But recently I have been toying with the concept of driving down to Kenya, in light of my recent Africa charity project. I have been emailing with many people in these countries who have assured me it is safe. In any case I always thoroughly research every country I go to before driving there, communicating with my translators and other contacts within.

work while you travel job - Pitkovice, CroatiaPitkovice, Croatia

For example, when I first planned to drive to Turkey everyone in the west was sending me dire and horrid warnings, with horrible stories. My people on the inside were very assuring, and because it was getting too cold in Montenegro I decided to take the chance. I never met nicer people and it was so peaceful. I find that people in rural areas are basically nice everywhere, but more so the farther east I go. I find people in Muslim countries extremely hospitable and I’m slowly developing confidence of my trip to Africa. I have one friend who drove through Africa many decades ago and he said that everywhere he went the people were warning him not to go any further – that it was dangerous. But he went further anyway, where he met the same, fantastically nice people who once again warned him not to go any further (to the next African village).

I understand that it may seem scary to go to these places, and I myself was scared when I first headed out from Prague, but after three years on the road I now see that there is a difference between people who stay in one place their entire lives and are paranoid about everyone else and everything foreign, and those like myself who travel around the world and realize that people everywhere are basically the same. My only gripe is that I have to deal with these conservative locals who look oddly at me. But most of the time people are welcoming, simply because they see that I am spending money in their village. Occasionally I might get approached by the police, but after I explain to them my situation and they see that I am earning money elsewhere but spending it in their village, they are quite awed at my setup and become very friendly to me.

If you warm up to the idea I will certainly tell you all the negative aspects of this sort of lifestyle, to help you make an accurate decision. Worst case scenario it could mean a cheap vacation for you, if you try it for a while and eventually decide that it is not quite your cup of tea. But for me I love it and the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. For example, when I was parked for two years on a beach in the Turkish side of Cyprus, I would park my truck pointing towards

work while you travel job - Greek coastA typical beach where I would like to park overnight
during my drive up along the Greek coast.

Syria so that the sun would rise over the water, shine into the truck, fall onto my eyes and wake me up at the crack of dawn. I would grab my laptop sitting next to me, put it on my belly (I most often work in this position) and put in a few hours of work before getting up. After that I would step outside onto the warming sand with my bare feet, walk ten steps to the sea, brush my teeth and spit into the ocean. By this point I always felt that my day had already been made and I was so happy to be living this lifestyle. Then I might do another shift of work, then jog bare foot along the beach to the grocery store, swim a bit along the way, make my big meal of the day, and then start another shift. Perhaps watch a movie in the evening. I had highspeed internet right on the beach and it was a perfect life.

Other times I love starting up the engine and see what the next bend brings me. I love variety and discovering the world, its people with different cultures, and driving through nature. So obviously I am looking for a travel companion with similar preferences.

I like my job and I like to be productive, but some leisure is also nice. When a friend visited me in Cyprus every day around 2pm when the temperature started to cool down enough, we would go play tennis for a couple of hours. Because my clients are all over the world and the nature of my job, it doesn’t really matter what times I work. I have a highspeed mobile phone and can check and respond to my emails through it anywhere I am. I can even manage large project through my phone without the need to have my computer with me. But ideally I would like to have a travel friend who enjoys the work and does not constantly try to draw me away from mine. Otherwise you are free to do what you want, and I am happy with a certain amount of leisure time every day. I believe in God and I would like to be productive in my life and accomplish much. I also have a dream to help homeless shelters for children. I get along great with kids and they always love me. I am not really interested in starting a family but I do have a sixteen year old son. I would love to be like a father to a houseful of homeless children.

work while you travel job - Cyprus coastDiving into the sea on the Cyprus coast 

These are some of the dreams I have. My greatest regret while traveling during the past three years is that I was by myself and had no one to share the experience with. Also, I’m sort of a shy guy and not very good at approaching people I do not know, but I have managed to make friends everywhere I went. But whenever I’ve travelled with females in the past I found I had much more fun, primarily because with them I was able to meet many more people. Otherwise I am a very sociable and amiable guy, once I get to know someone.

I think you will learn a lot on the computer, and if you can articulate yourself well in your own language, I can help you find translation work such that you can earn a lot of money, with negligible costs. And if you are an adventurous Bohemian like myself, you will have a great time.

If you would be interested in this crazy offer, please send me your CV with picture and tell me a little about yourself [sorry, no longer applies, as I’m now married and my wife loves traveling too:).

The below text is what I used to have on this page before I changed it just now. The primary way I like to find work is through search engine optimization, and I know that the more text I have on my various pages the better it will affect my search engine rankings, for which reason I am leaving it on this page.

If you would like to learn more about me you will find some useful links below, otherwise My Life in Prague page should be a good starting point, or you can view my Facebook profile, which is open to the public.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Travel Job

Howdy. This might be the craziest job offer you’ve ever heard of, but life is too short to be “normal”. I like to live on the edge and live as fully as I can. So that I do not waste your time with my long writings, I’ll say right now that I’m looking for someone I can travel with. I own a Translation Agency and farm out most of my work externally, as explained on my global pages. But there is room for some “internal work”, meaning an in-house on-the-site employment position, or I guess, one might say “in-caravan”.

I lived for the past 14 years in Prague, and it was fun, but I guess I just got too much gypsy in my blood and I don’t like to stay put in one place. I’m not the type to settle down and start some a family, and build a nice picket fence around a permanent cottage, and start the long process as mentioned in the movie “Barfly” of building golden bars around my jail cell or padding my comfortable coffin, so as to settle into some increasingly sedate and routinised lifestyle, playing cards with my neighbours every Thursday, and talking gossip behind their backs every other day of the week.
No, I want to constantly meet new people, experience new cultures, and discover this big beautiful world of ours, with all its juicy variety.
But obviously such a crazy trip would be so much more fun with the right company. And most people could not afford to go on such a long trip without some sort of income, hence my offered position. I like my work and I find it very interesting. I like to dabble my fingers in every direction, much like my approach to traveling and experiencing life. The translations are presently my main bread earner, but you will see what other areas I want to get into through the services link of my main site. I find all these fields interesting, and I love to constantly learn. As a one man show, I’ve learned how to design my own webpages, I’m learning how to get to the top of search engines (my main and preferred way of finding new customers), I’ve set up my own databases – for personal organisation, the translators and accounting – and I’ve learned how to set up a server. I’ve also learned how to program in many languages, not to mention that I like learning human languages as well, and presently can speak in four of them (while slowly also learning Spanish).
So the work I could offer would be related. You can learn as much as you are able to learn and what interests you. Obviously, I need someone with a basic knowledge of computers, sufficient written communication skills in English, an ability to learn more, and interested in this area. I’m also very interested in charity, which is another field I’d like to get into. Therefore, because I like my work and want to achieve much during my life, in my travel partner I’d like someone who has the same interests and a desire to accomplish more, rather than nag me constantly to entertain them. Sure, I like leisure time as well, but always after work and when I have had enough of it. I love to explore nature, climb mountains, and sports.

work travel job - MexicoIf this interests you, you can check out my travel blog to get to know me better and get a feel for what travelling with me might be like. You can also check out my pilot Mexico trip, when I wanted to test out my travel/work theory. And obviously we would have to get to know each other better before either of us would want to commit to something like this. So we can write emails, exchange ideas, perhaps test travel together for a shorter period of time, or just meet up if I ever pass through your neighbourhood. I have been traveling like this since July of 2006, I mostly meet other travelers during the summer tourist season, and really don’t mind spending the rest of my time alone. So I am not desparate for company, but think it would make my travel experience nicer, which is why I have made this page and looking for one, since it is not an easy position to fill.

Right now I am in Cyprus and I must say I like the island, because it is warm enough in the winter, and I can drive over to the Greek side every time I need a new stamp on my passport to extend my stay. But for next winter, if finances allow, I’m considering checking out Asia. Thailand and Malaysia intrigues me, and I’d like to check out the boom taking place in China, as I have many friends who have been there and it seems extremely dynamic and interesting.
But above all, after growing up in Canada and spending so much time in Prague, I’m done with the cold and don’t want to have anything more to do with it, unless it involves a snowboard. Hence another attraction to Thailand during the winter. The other possibility is Argentina. I don’t think it will be safe enough to drive to Asia so this would require another strategy.

For payment for your job, I don’t expect to be paying you a lot, and expect something in the order of 3$ an hour cash in hand. This is what I pay my external employees. You would not be paying rent or gas, so your only expenses would be food and what you decide to spend on yourself. If we happen to travel to a more expensive country, we can make another arrangement if there is a problem, but I have been living right on the beach for about five Euro a day (not including gas, internet and business costs), so I do not foresee a problem.

If you want to get into gorey logistics details, as I know that girls are generally concerned about hygiene and stuff like that, you can check out my caravan survival tips pages. I am not adamant about having everything my own way and can be quite flexible, but if you will want a hot shower every day and some luxurious facilities, you may have to foot the bill yourself.

So all in all, you can see that this position is more for the adventurous bohemian chick type who has had experience camping and enjoys that sort of lifestyle. I am not desperate to fill this position and can wait as long as it takes to find a suitable nut I can get along with and be kooky with while discovering the world. I detest it when someone constantly whines about every possible thing that is not perfect and prefer to hang around open, optimistic and enthusiastic people who have a sense of adventure. This is the only way one can be to live this sort of lifestyle. Here are some travel testimonials from some of the friendly kooks who have traveled with me.

 Parked in Mexico during my pilot test 7 years ago,
staying here for 3$ a week. More pictures of Mexico


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