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Friday activities


Bohemian Paradise

I was thinking that, after Thursday’s Red Dress Run, it would be nice to relax and let people do what they want on Friday.

Some of the possibilities are:

  • there is a volleyball court in the camp (that is probably what I will be doing all day)
  • there is a climbing park in the camp up in the trees (will try to provide pictures later)
  • I can provide maps of where we probably won’t set runs but which are also very nice for walking, with pubs etc.
  • the region is quite famous for mountain climbing, if you have your own ropes etc. There are also several mountain climbing schools in the area, and sports shops where you could rent gear.
  • there is an excellent swimming lake very near to the camp.

  • depending on the number of people who sign up (a lot of hashers have already expressed interest, and I was convinced I could easily recruit more from Prague to fill the camp and keep costs low), was thinking of roasting an ox over the weekend. Possibly a pig as well on Friday. So plenty of beer and roasting food over the fire for those who prefer that. Possibly live music around the fire all day.
  • In the evening, had an idea where every hasher has to undergo a very scary initiation of following a trail of Satan’s glowing blood through the dark forest and caves without a flashlight. You get your t-shirt after graduation, and a special prize goes to anyone who manages to pee in their pants!!

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