Bohemian Paradise

Time is running out and I will try to modify the above to include the text and fire in the furnace I am looking for.
You can also send in a picture of yourself and a request for particular text on the back of the t-shirt (your name, some moto you like). Even with the print on the back the total amount should work out to within the budgeted 10 Euro. I need this info by Tuesday the 10th of August. Sorry I couldn’t request this from you earlier – the t-shirt company was rather slow.
If I do not get any requests from you, perhaps I will put your hash names on the back by default, and try to pick out a nice colour for you (I thought the ALDER Classic bottle green 06 was nice, but I’ll decide once I take a look at it). If you have not informed me your t-shirt size yet, please do so by Tuesday the 10th.


Here is a picture of the wall in the main party cabin. I can finish touching it up, was thinking of putting a burning fire into the furnace, and it could be the basis for the front of the t-shirt.
On the back, was thinking we could have written “Gateway to Hell in Bohemian Paradise”, with your hashname and any other text you like. You can even send me a picture of your face and I can put it on the back as well. It shouldn’t be too much more expensive to have custom t-shirts made like this, and perhaps you could even choose the quality level of the t-shirt itself.
Eventually I will put the printing company’s costs on here to help you choose exactly what you want.

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