Wakeboarding and wakesurfing in the Philippines, Linapacan


Wakeboard or wakesurf in the beautiful Linapacan area, Coron only, or anywhere in between Coron and El Nido if you join one of our private boat tours.

I am no longer managing the kitesurfing nature camp in the Linapacan area, so I have given my two kiteboards to my two best boatmen (part of the private boat tours). You can use those for wakeboarding for 2,000pesos for unlimited use if you book a tour with us, or one of our wakesurf boards for 4,000pesos for unlimited use. Or we could possibly arrange a speedboat to pull you in the Linapacan area, otherwise bancas are used for our boat tours. They do not generate the waves as shown in the video near the bottom of this page, so you will probably need to be pulled. It can take a while for these boats to turn around to pick you up if you fall in the water, in which case the wakesurf boards can be better because they float and are easier to use.

Here is a video of a guest on one of our wakeboards, pulled by the banca boat on a multi-day tour:

AIRHEAD PFISH Wakesurf Board, Skim Style



The wakesurf board ideally surfs on large waves generated by special boats, as per the picture above. But that probably requires a higher skill level. Since our tours are on regular banca boats, we just pull you by rope, while it is easier to use than the wakeboards.

In the video below, you will see parts where I was pulled while lying on my stomach. That was my first time on a wakesurfboard and I must say it was fun even at this basic level. My legs were being dragged while floating on the water behind me.

Elsewhere in the video you will see where I managed to get up on my knees and do some more fancy stuff. That was my second time on a wakesurfboard. The third time I feel quite confident I would be able to stand up and get really fancy. It is much easier to use than a wakeboard and a good size for children as well. The trick is to nod your head up as a request to speed up the boat, or nod down to slow down, but to make sure they understand the change in speed should always be slight and incremental.

To book a private custom multiday boat tour with one of our wakeboards or wakesurfboards, or only around Coron, just fill in this form for an instant quote.

Fish is a really fun wake surf board for any rider, beginner to advanced. The full shape and Fish tail setup is forgiving and gives beginners an easy platform to learn the glide. Advanced riders will find it a nice stable board that shreds and cops air with ease. The extra thick grooved EVA deck has a big kicker and provides excellent foothold. Our test riders have liked it better than boards that sell at twice the price. Fish is 49″ x 21″ x 7/8″, has 2 fins and is for riders up to 175 lbs. You’ll be doing air reverses and shove-its in no time

Product Features

  • The full shape and fish tail setup is forgiving and gives beginners an easy platform to learn the Glide
  • Advanced riders will find it a nice stable board that Shreds and cops air with ease
  • Fish is 49″ x 21″ x 7/8″, has 2 fins and is for riders up to 175 lbs
  • The extra thick grooved EVA deck has a Big kicker and provides excellent foothold

We are located in Linapacan, half way between El Nido and Coron. Easy to get to by public ferry, or for those who have limited time, we can organise a multi-day boat tour between El Nido and Coron.

Following are some links to other wakeboarding places in the Philippines.

To get here you can join or book one of our private custom Palawan boat tours between El Nido and Coron, as some of our boats are equipped with wakeboards, so you can do the same on the way. Tons of paradise beach islands to see along the way, excellent snorkeling in crystal clear waters, caves to explore, Spanish fortress and much more. Completely off the beaten path!


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