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    Our trip through Peru One could say our stay in this country was rather uneventful, considering we mostly stayed in the town of Cusco (a popular tourist town recommended to us by a world traveling friend of mine), where we…

  • Friends playing rummy 500 card game

    Rummy 600 (500) card game rules

    I’ve played a lot of different card games over my lifetime, such as President/Asshole, Rummy 500, Hearts, Spades, Cribbage and Yuker, but I find that our self-invented and adapted card game of Rummy 600 is the most fun. And practical,…

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    Canoa, Ecuador, beach bum paradise

    This is an invitation to all my friends who would like to escape the frigid winter of the north to come visit us here only a few kilometres south of the equator. Unfortunately, we are renting only a single room:…

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    Mel and Karel

    For about three years I had managed my own kitesurfing nature camp in the Philippines, having as many as 200 volunteers over a two year period, with a slowly increasing number of paying guests. During this time I had one French…

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    Third party advice

    Here are some pages we found which can provide additional information for happy and safe family travelers: Wanderlusting storytellersFamily travel associationTraveling full time and homeschooling the wanderlust family