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The Most Common Visitors to the Czech Republic

During 2007 almost seven million tourists stayed overnight in public accommodation facilities in the Czech Republic. Although the number of German tourists fell by 4% during 2007, still a total of 1.5 million Germans sought lodging last year. Making German tourists first among all and 23% of those traveling to the Czech Republic. Great Britain came in second, at 8.4%, a position it has held since 2003. Italians come in third at 6.2%, followed by the Americans, Russians, Slovaks, Poles, Spaniards, the Dutch and the French. Tourists from countries surrounding the Czech Republic make up almost one half of all foreigners visiting the country.

The Most Popular Destinations for Foreign Tourists to the Czech Republic

Forty eight percent of tourists stay most often in the capital city of Prague, followed by the regions of Hradec Kralove (7%), Karlovy Vary (6.8%), South Moravia (6.5%), Liberec (5.9%), South Bohemia (5%), and Central Bohemia (4.8%), followed by other regions of the Czech Republic.

The Main Reasons Why Foreign Tourists Choose the Czech Republic as their Travel Destination

In 2006, 60% of foreign tourists visiting the Czech Republic spent their night in Prague with its surrounding areas. Other regions were Karlovy Vary at 7.1%, Southern Moravia at 6.5%, Southern Bohemia at 4.7%, and Hradec Kralove at 4.3%. Other important cities traveled to were Brno and Plzen, and Karlovy Vary, Cesky Krumlov and Marianske Lazne.

Why Foreigners Choose to Visit the Czech Republic

A study carried out over the first nine months of 2007 found the main reason stated by most foreign tourists visiting the Czech Republic, at 45%, was just to have fun. Another 20% came to the Czech Republic to visit friends and relatives. The third most popular reason, at 18%, was for business.

Recommendations from friends and relatives also play a large role, where other reasons include business decisions by an employer, and recommendations from travel agencies or that found on the internet.

The Most Frequent Types of Accommodation Used

In 2007 the majority of tourists, at 91.3%, stayed in hotels or other similar accommodation. 33.1% of visitors stayed in four-star hotels, while 10.5% stayed in five-star hotels. The majority of tourists, at 47.7%, stayed in lower category of hotels, or in pensions. Fewer than three percent of all foreign tourists stayed in tents, with less than 1% staying in cottages. The remainder used undefined accommodation facilities. Staying with friends and relatives, the most popular form of accommodation following pensions and hotels, was not included in the survey.

Traveling to the Czech Republic in Groups or Individually

The survey carried out during the first nine months of 2007 revealed that 75% of foreign tourists to the Czech Republic came by themselves. Only 9% of visitors rely on travel agencies to arrange their stay, while 15% of those visiting the Czech Republic come for business matters alone.

The Usual Length of Stay by Travelers to the Czech Republic

In 2007 the average length of stay was 4.1 days, representing a decrease from the previous year. Tourists traveling from far away countries such as Portugal, Russia and Thailand remain in the Czech Republic for the longest durations.

Where is Money Spent the Most While Traveling to the Czech Republic

Tourists spend most of their money on food, shopping and accommodation, with the average total expenditure per tourist visiting the Czech Republic amounting to 2,472 Czech crowns per person, per day. Single day visitors spent slightly less at 2,115 crowns. Russians spend the most at an average of  5,518 crowns per day, followed by Americans (4,378 crowns per person per day) and Brits (4,116 per person per day).

Overall Tourist Satisfaction While Staying in the Czech Republic

A survey performed during the first half of 2007 revealed that most tourists assessed their stay in the Czech Republic positively, with 47% awarding the highest grade of 1 (excellent), and 40 percent a grade of 2. 60% concluded they had no negative experiences during their visit and 9% expressed concern for the infrastructure and the condition of roadways. 5% complained of a lack of foreign language skills there. The survey also revealed that single day visitors to the Czech Republic tended to be more satisfied than those who slept there overnight.


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