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    The point at the end of the third beach from our first project on Patoyo island. Climbing for coconuts. Point at the end of our beach on Patoyo island, plus following fiew pics. Local girl helping us beautify the place…

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    All the below pictures are from our first project on Patoyo island. Taking shells and rocks off the beach to put them somewhere else, in this case a path from the waterwell to the caretaker’s house. Caretaker watching his grandchildren…

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    Building huts from bamboo and fishing line. Using a simple hose with water to make things level. The pier in beautiful Sibaltan. Another beautiful sunrise in Patoyo. Below, different beaches on Patoyo. Children of Patoyo discovering a tent for the…

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    Lone caretaker’s house with his wife and daughter on a 200 hectare island all to themselves. Snorkeling around Linapacan in the clearest waters in the world.   Back to TOC

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    Senora Eli caves Caves outside at the entrance:   Back to TOC

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    Ursula resort in Sibaltan Pical, Iloc Island Children on the main drag of Pical. Back to TOC

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    The first six were retouched by him and sent back to me, the rest being ones that I liked and quickly touched up myself. Carsten Only three pics by another visitor, so decided to add them to this page, but…