Affiliate program for boat tours and other services

Affiliate program boat tours services sample

This affiliate program was set up primarily for our boat tour services:

boat tours price el nido coron island hopping philippines

for which we are offering a 10% referral rate (although more is possible), meaning you would get $250 dollars for every sale. But we plan to expand our site and services throughout this country, which with its more than 7,000 paradise beach islands and English as an official language, seems destined to become a top tourist hotspot in the world.

For this purpose we use a plugin which logs the path a visitor takes in our site before it fills in a contact form, anywhere on our site. This way, once a visitor lands on an affiliate entry page, s/he can freely surf our site and we will always know from where they originally came, to give you your commission when a sale is made.

Here is our first sample from Teacake Travels, who is linking to our affiliate page made for her. For SEO purposes, we always read the promotional page it will be linking from, to get inspiration, and then write up original content for that particular affiliate page, such as this example for Teacake. Then, whenever the visitor fills in one of our contact forms, we can see the path they took, as shown here:

Affiliate program boat tours services sample

Every time someone will contact us as a result of your affiliate link, we will inform you about it. This way you can test this principle yourself occasionally. Based on past years experience (although this year we have increased our prices to cover the affiliation) and because our prices for private tours are very competitive, we found that 40-50% of initial queries turned into a sale.

If you would like to take part in this affiliate program, we’d be happy to hear from you!

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Below are the instructions I wrote for my first affiliate link builder!

Building backlinks through affiliate program

One can have the best website in the world, but if no one links to it, google will perceive it as uninteresting and subsequently lower the entire site in its rankings. If you rank first in the search engine in a particular keyword, most people don’t bother looking past the first, top three links. If it does not even get on the first page of top ten links, a website has little chance of receiving viewers. The less viewers the less business I make. It is also important how long the viewers spend reading the page. The longer they spend on it, the more g will consider it interesting and worthy content, which will get a boost in the site’s rankings according to g’s algorithm. So not only is it important to write interesting and useful content, but also to build backlinks (links to my site from other sites).

One good way to do this is through an affiliate program. My prices are substantially less than the competition and it affords me the opportunity to pay another website up to $500 per sale. Of course, it is also important that the website linking to me is related content, such as bloggers writing about their travels. Not only does an improvement in my rankings lead to more visitors and in turn more sales, but sales increase just from visitors on other sites clicking on my link and visiting my site. So a win win situation.

Below is my latest progress. It is just a list of websites I have approached for an affiliate backlink. I have achieved only two so far, some German guy named Marcel and a UK female with teacake in her email address. So no point approaching them again. And they are probably marked in bold, bright green text, as well as any other people I found a little bit of success in. So one possibility is you go through the entire list below and approach each one of them again (since I am offering a lot more than when I last approached them), or start your own lists. Each list is under a title representing the keywords I used in my google search when looking for candidate sites. I also make such lists because I do not like to bother people with repetitive offers.

For example, if I haven’t already, you might try “travel philippines”. You do a search for those keywords in google and go down the results. Any page that might seem like a candidate, you right click on the link and open in new browser tab. You can go down the google results page and right-click-open-in -another-tab-sites that look interesting, and once you might have ten new tabs open, you can go through each of them and examine if they could be good candidates. The reason I right click open is because it makes your job more efficient, so you don’t have to spend 60% of your time staring at a page waiting for it to load.

I’ll keep repeating this process, going further down in the google results pages until the sites do not look so interesting anymore, and then I’ll try another keyword search.

Good candidate sites

Obviously, they should be travel related. Here are the most important keywords that I can think of off the top of my head:

Island hopping philippines
Travel philippines
Boat tours coron el nido

That’s just to give you an idea. But sometimes I’ll write a random page about some island here and be surprised how much traffic it gets. For example, you might decide to write some content about

Lazy beach life

you apply the usual tactics when writing that page to help get it higher up in g search results, after which you could look for affiliates using the same keywords. Therefore, these link building and content writing tasks basically work together, hand in hand, and I’m sure it is a combined skill that is worth having.

Obviously, you don’t want to waste your time approaching some monster commercial company like tripadvisor. Bloggers are usually pretty good to approach, and they like earning income from their pages. Perhaps I didn’t get great results before because I was only offering $100 commission, so perhaps up to $500 might capture some interest.

So basically, when you skim through a page and you get the feeling the owner might be interested and that the page would be good to link from, you simply contact them, either using their contact form or write them directly by email if they post their email address. If they respond positively directly back to you, you can just forward their email to me. Simply copy paste my letter below.
I like to be organised so I would appreciate it if you would keep records like I have below of everyone you approached in a list under each of the keywords you chose to search. BTW, I’m not interested in paying for links on other sites, although you are welcome or even encouraged to make a note of their offer in the list you create. I think my affiliate program is plenty enough generous.

If you do use their contact form, which I usually find easier, simply copy/paste my details and letter below.

Thank you!

Letter and info to copy/paste

Name: Karel Kosman
Subject:  Affiliate link from your site for $500 per sale!


Hi, I own the site and organise boat tours in the beautiful Philippines with its 7,000 islands and countless, white sand beaches. I’d be happy to offer you $500 commission for every sale you send my way. We mostly offer only private, custom boat tours, although sometimes our customers are couples on a romantic vacation and who might talk us down in price, so the least I could offer you is $250 for such sales, but generally I have the budget for most of my customers, who can be larger organised groups or families.

The way I keep track is using the WordPress plugin WP Forms. It has a Journey sub plugin which shows what path a visitor took through my site. For example, one affiliate page:

That is the author’s special affiliate link page and if a visitor writes to me on the contact form on that page or navigates their way around my site to eventually write to me on some other contact form (I do not post my email address), the records will always show where they started, and I always check this when approached by new customers.

During the high season I have organised as much as 14 tours in a single month, and since our prices are so competitive compared to other private custom tours, this could prove very lucrative for you.

Hope to hear from you! Karel

Don’t miss the jewels between the travel hot spots of El Nido and Coron

When one goes on a vacation, they often want to escape the regular hustle bustle of their busy lives and the worries of work. So you cram in as much as possible during your two or more week vacation, to get your money’s worth.

ferry private boat travel el nido coron relax

But once you arrive at your destination and get used to the laid back lifestyle, with its endless island beaches and crystal clear waters, your hectic pace adjusts and you develop a greater appreciation for the relaxing moments and breathtaking nature.

Rather than taking the three hour fast ferry between the tourist hot spots of El Nido and Coron, a good idea is to take a slow and traditional banca boat on a multi-day expedition to your next destination – our most popular being four days. Not only are there so many jewels to be found off this beaten path, but it will give you the opportunity to chill from the hectic pace and get to better know the local culture and relaxed pace.

ferry private boat travel el nido coron white sand beaches

ferry private boat travel el nido coron group toursThere are 82 islands along this route, many completely undeveloped with but a sole caretaker collecting 50 pesos from the occasional traveler. You will easily find yourself wandering on a long beach of white sand to yourself, snorkeling around beautiful coral reefs in crystal clear waters, by some labeled the clearest in the world.

Most of our tours are private and customized, ideal for romantic couples or families, but if you can round up a small gang of friends, it will work out less expensive for you than to join the big group tours. This way you will all be able to go at your own pace and enjoy each others’ company, because on the big group tours you don’t know who else will be joining and sometimes one party pooper can spoil it for the rest.

Send us a note to get more info, check out our prices below, or check here for more information.

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boat tours price el nido coron island hopping philippines

How traveling can expand your horizons

Traveling is more than seeing pretty places and taking lots of photos. Just ask anyone who has moved a bit in his or her life, and you will see that everyone learns something in their travels. It does not have to be something of utmost importance. It can be very small and insignificant. But no matter where you go and how often you travel, such experiences will expand your horizons. As you can imagine, I am not referring to literal horizons. But you will see how a single trip have life-altering effects, while multiple trips can teach you almost nothing.

You will meet better people than yourself

If you are a confident person, you will probably have a very good opinion of yourself. That in itself is a terrific thing, and people with more confidence will experience more in their lives. However, you will meet people in your travel, a lot of them, and you will realize that some of them are better than you. They do not have to have more money than you or a better job. It is enough for someone to have made more sacrifices for less than you would. Once you come to that realization, you will feel humble. Why? Because you will realize that some people are willing to do more for less than you have, and that will paint an entirely different picture for you. As a result, you will become more appreciative of what you are as a person and what you have. I know that is sounds a bit cliché, but it must have started somewhere, right?

You will appreciate nature more

If you like to hike or trek, then you will see a lot of nature on your travels. A lot of people declared themselves more appreciative of life after a few such trips. Why? Because you can never appreciate nature in all its glory if you stay mostly indoors. Plus, when you travel, you get to see more than you know, and for some reason, that expands your image over nature. You will think of it as bigger and broader. You will have some new respects for it. But do you know when that realization comes most of the times? When you see nature disrespected. Finding a littered place, seeing a sea turtle tangled in some plastic, or watching the corals die, are experiences that will make you angry at the world. It is at that moment you will decide to respect nature more than before.

You will breathe in new cultures

The world is more significant than you can imagine. The 7 billion of people that live here are not alike. We all have different customs, and when it comes to culture, traveling is the best way to take it in. You can read all the book and watch all the documentaries, but nothing compares to experiencing a new culture first-hand. You get to see how other people live, how they grow food, how they pray, how they love, and that is something that no book or video can mimic. I strongly recommend such an experience, and you will find plenty of people around the world that are willing to take you in for a few days.

Yes, traveling can require a lot of effort. You may need a visa or multiple. You need to spend money on means of transportation and accommodation. But you also gain so much. You will be a better person for choosing to travel than for buying that new car that you do not need. Not trying to sound judgy here. It is just that there are so many other things out there that can expand your horizons, and traveling is the best example.

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