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Detox Retreat

Its-time-to-detox-retreatRehabilitate yourself on an island beach paradise, maximum 30 guests (10 of whom might be volunteers helping the place run better), about 15 local fishermen families half spread out on each side.

Drink fresh coconut water for less than half a buck, an excellent fasting regime. We also have local natural honey and local orange/lemons, for the perfect morning drink or to add to your juice fast throughout the day.

At the end of that you can do the liver cleanse, or go all out hardcore with my special fast (15 days parasite cleanse, 12 days only water, 1 day kidney cleanse with watermelon followed by the famous olive oil Epson salts liver cleanse. That followed by a slow reintroduction of veggie soup and bentonite clay and psyllium husk shakes to thoroughly flush out the intestines.)

I’ve been fasting every spring for at least a decade and have enjoyed developing my understanding of the science. Coconut water, especially fresh, is full of electrolytes and is great at charging up your body. It contains magnesium to help you process the sun and all sorts of other nutrients, from which you could practically survive. You can eat a few each day if you want to tone down your fast or if you are a first timer. Drinking water is from natural waterwell, so you can be sure to revitalise your body with living energy.

The place is very peaceful and I live here, so I consider it my home where I filter out guests who do not support the harmonic nature I aspire to. We all cook together and clean up, like a family. Mostly great vegetarian food with the occasional fish or squid caught by the locals.

Excellent snorkeling in the clearest waters in the world, for free only 100m off shore, learn how to fish or speargun, caves and Spanish fortress to explore, and beach volleyball and other sports if you’d prefer to sweat out your toxins.

At certain times this can even be combined with yoga lessons<, an excellent way to amplify the detoxification effects of fasting.

Detox your mind

Around the time I was writing these pages an interesting thing happened. I had been developing this retreat for almost two years, during which time I’ve had many volunteers helping me, and some paying guests passing through. Early on I came to the conclusion that the primary purpose of this venue will not be to maximise earnings but to maximise my enjoyment of the paradise and use it as a tool to wake up people to what is happening in the world and hopefully divert them towards a more meaningful direction.

I found certain qualities annoying, such as people who like to be served, are overly prissy about ants or other such nonsense, while many volunteers seemed asleep at the helm (facebook zombies I like to call them), breaking or losing my tools, doing nonsense work, and just wasting my time.

Over the years I had accumulated some negative experiences and it is these thoughts that seemed to forever linger in my mind. I would paint scenarios how I would plan to respond next time I met such a person. These negative thoughts would often consume my mind almost all day long, until I would develop a short fuse and if a guest or volunteer made a mistake, I might blow up disproportionately. Consumed with such a firestorm of negative scenarios and imaginary arguments, I think it was even making me sick!

Until I remembered a book I once translated on the power of positive thinking. About a Czech guy who was incredibly indebted due to failed enterprises, fat, stuttering, but managed to turn everything around through positive thinking. Now he is thin, still stutters, but gives inspirational speeches in spite of it (well paid for it), has a model for a wife and a leer jet somewhere in between.

But one thing which struck me now is how he kept repeating that around 25,000 thoughts pass through our heads each day, and if most or many of them are negative, they will decrease the quality of our life. And that the trick is to simply replace them with positive thoughts. It is easy or tempting to dwell on the negative, as if there is some vindictive satisfaction in it.

On this thought it occurred to me to replace all negative thoughts coming into my head with an appreciation of this paradise. After all, it seemed absurd to be living in heaven on earth but constantly filled with anger, thinking up conversations and guests who do not even exist, or perhaps who have passed through long time ago. Whenever such a negative thought sprung into my head, I would stop and focus on the paradise I lived in, simply appreciating it. And I must say that in almost an instance it has totally transformed me from someone who is agitated all day long, cursing at every problem thrown at me, to someone who is at peace and glowing with appreciation of the place. There are different ways we can detox.

End of our beach, one of our many beautiful sunrises and sunsets, more here.

Meditation can be a form of detox as well. With meditation you basically flush out all thoughts from your mind, so it would have a similar effect. Because we are beings of energy, both the negative effects of too much acid in our diets or too much acid in our thoughts can lead to disharmony in our system, and illnesses.

Flush out your negative energy

So, by certain foods, such as raw veggies and other alkaline leaning foods, you can detox your physical body from all the crap you may have been pumping into it over the years and decades, such as: smoking, alcohol (think inTOXICation), car exhaust from the cities, ammonia and other chemicals in your burgers, meat pumped to the max with hormones and antibiotics, or all the chemicals they use in big agro-business. Or through meditation or yoga you can detox your mind, but one simple solution I found is to walk barefoot.

I have been walking barefoot for more than a decade and have often been stopped by people in cities, demanding some sort of explanation. Forced to produce reasons for them, I did some thinking and came up with the following:

  • feels good, leave me alone
  • I’m not a conformist. I am protesting against conformity.
  • free foot massage, should have positive effects on my organs.

But at one point I came across an interesting article which articulated my thoughts on the subject. Since we are beings of energy, they have calculated that we carry a certain frequency matching the earth’s electromagnetic frequency as it pulses between its surface and the ozone. They have done experiments and found that people who are taken deep below the earth for extended periods of time (where the frequency is quite different) have fallen ill.

You may live on the surface, but be exposed to other sources of frequency which could disrupt your natural condition. Such as mobile signal towers, wifi, electricity running through every wall, and stress of the city in general. And the worst thing you can do in such an environment is to wear thick rubber boots that prevent the transfer of the bottled up negative energy in your body to the “ground”. Yes, this is an electrical term whereby a positively charged object can be neutralised by attaching it to a negative connection, such as the ground (“negative” in this sense not to be confused with the “negative” energy in our bodies, which simply means “bad for it”). That is why lightning rods are planted firmly into the ground.

The best way to ground your bad energy is by bare feet straight onto mother earth. And with such a pristine and clean beach here, this seems second nature. Therefore, just spending any time here should improve your well being and inner peace. Combine that with a bit of live music around the campfire at night, you will be bubbling with endorphins, which alone can help in your healing, as the great doctor Patch Adams has proven (also a Robin Williams movie).

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