With more than 7,000 islands, it can be difficult to decide which places to visit in this country.

That is why we have broken things down according to features or concepts, popularly referred to as “tags”. Such as if you would like to peruse only pages describing islands, or places with white sand beaches, or those offering adventure. There are many facets to explore in this country.

Below that are other resources to help you decide what is the best travel plan for you. Or hey, you can also just write to us and we are happy to help!

Tags of Palawan
Tags of Visayas

There is also information organized by region or area.

Or suggestions of what path you could take through this country with a limited time schedule.

Or simple tips while navigating through, from a seasoned traveler (of more than 50 countries over many decades) who has decided to settle here (but still loves and plans to travel).

And if you are up to a cruise that covers it all, or any advice, just write to us and we’ll be happy to organize the perfect plan just for you!

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Experience the thrill of island hopping in the Philippines.

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