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Struggling with cash as usual

oh yes, Christmas. Well, if at all possible I’d like to get some more of that Paragone stuff (parasite cleanse during my annual fasts), if it is not expensive. And a couple of other small herbal stuff I keep forgetting to mention, but if you are tight on cash don’t worry about it.

Concerning my financial situation, I explained that the agencies owe me almost a thousand Euro (forgot about the second half of the treeplanting accounting software), but the problem is that I am still waiting for payment. Until payment comes I may have to do some labour, for a few days. But I still have a little pile of food and I’ll simply knock out beer for a while, so I should hopefully still last a week. I just have to start begging some agencies for earlier payment, and I will with one of them tomorrow (the one which owes me 400 Euro for some jobs done a month ago). One of the big annoyances of translating, but once I build up a little reserve it should be okay for a while. Improving with my French so hopefully I’ll be able to start with that work soon. Lots of jobs in that language combination, so I should be able to build up a good cash reserve quickly. latergator

first of all Jana does not think you are a  moron, on the contrary she has very high opinion of your brain.  Where did you get this idea???????  As for here computer, she is a total moron there.  I do not understand why she even tries.  She has that ancient huge thing which takes half of the messy room, it is dial up, takes ages and she most of the time forgets to switch the phone off so she can not get connected.  She has Hedges coming on Mondays to teach her.  She does not know even how to start.  She hates it.  She can not type,  she will not allow me to send her mail and when I wanted to send her pictures of herself and Simona and me and the BOYS from my last visit she nearly had a heart attack.  Absolutely not, it will block my computer. she kept saying.  Why she bothers with it I do not understand,.  So do not waste time on teaching her.  And internet caffee would give her rush.  I am bad but she is impossible..

As for your forest labouring, when I hear chain saw I start to shiver.  I remember how very careful a respectful Tim was towards this deadly tool.  Standa Ptacek cut himself badly several times. had to be fixed up at the hospital in Ricany.  They have the whole file on him there.  If you got some money now why you still have to do that???? you say that you have enough for a couple of months.  I am terrified  when you talk about cutting trees in the forest.  End of the story.

As for the postal address, I will send you a postcard because it is nice to get something.  As for the Christmas present I think it will be done the boring and unexciting way.  I may deposit a small amount to your account in lieu of presents.  Mailing is excessively expensive, usually it costs more that the present in it.  Last week I sent a small calendar to Boris (Vlad’s uncle) to Praha.  calendar costs $4, mail $8.!!!!!!  Since your are short of money and I am short of money, sending presents by mail would be a luxury  we can ill afford.  How about that.  what is your bank account??

It rains here something awful.  I thought it will break my windows.  The hole in the front is like a pool.  Everything takes soooooo long.  We wil NOT be finished by Christmas.  Everything is ready but they can not pour the concrete for the pool because it rains.  Then is has to “cure” before they can tile it. We need rocks and rocks and rocks for retaining wall.  a huge one.  15 feet tall.   When we were blasting 2 years ago we had to get rid of our own beautiful rocks because there was no space to store it.  So we pay for trucking and removal.  Now when we need it, nobody is blasting because nobody is building because of the crisis.  We may have to go and BUY rocks from the quarry.  Had I have a slightest idea what ordeal this will be I would never let Vlad go ahead with this.  But the market is improving so hopefully in the spring somebody will fall in love with this.

So keep healthy and smart and enjoy what is there to enjoy.


So I’ve been writing to those clients which owe me money, and the Czech one which used to send me a lot of work about sewer systems in Moravia and which presently owes me the most finally sent me the amount last night (400 Euro). I ran to the bank machine and then to the pub I was so happy. Meanwhile, about an hour before that, I managed to pick up work from a new company earning me about 700 Euro over the next 6 days. They have an excellent reputation for payment and they should pay me in 30 days from delivery of work, so that should pretty well solidify my existence for the next while, considering I’ll be paying no rent starting the new year and have the opportunity for a bit of reconstruction to cover food if need be. Meanwhile I’ve been polishing up my French every day a little bit, so as soon as I feel confident enough to start translating with that I’ll start approaching agencies, one of which seems desperate for me to start, so I’d say things should start getting good from now on. There isn’t so much work from Czech to English but there’s a lot of work from French. I made a web page which is almost at the top of google for Czech to English translator and translations and translation, but very few people write me. I’ll do the same for French and be able to charge more, so I assume I could be making a lot of money once that kicks in, which will enable me to finally invest and diverge away from translations, which doesn’t seem a satisfying use of my time and intelligence. But it will be nice to improve my French cause I like the language. Anyway, just wanted to give you a happy heads up. Time to get to work. Will be working like a dog over the next six days. lateroo

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