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Browser privacy, postcards, planting trees

Browser privacy and prices of mobile phone packages between countries

Found an interesting program how to hide Yr identity on the net … might be of interest for U. 🙂

well, been very good today so will be gone a few minutes to the grocery store to stock up on my beloved beer.

I know of Tor and I’ve incorporated it into my Firefox so that I can turn it on or off any time I want. But heard there are potential leaks and you shouldn’t use it to log into your bank accounts etc.

Concerning mobiles, sometimes I question if the market competition really works. Just look at how much ridiculously more expensive phone prices are in Europe than America. The government should crush these arseholes. I thought Europe was supposed to be a free market zone. Certainly doesn’t seem to operate that way. And when the countries finally do join the Euro, apparently everyone rounds up their prices during the conversion, so prices go up!!

Well, fck EU, but in this it can be OK, I guess. 🙂

Data transfers R much cheaper for them.

It’s like with sms … “experts” say the real price is ca several hellars in CZK, but they charge us here 1-2 CZK per one fcking sms, making extremely huge amount of money.

Some countries its okay. For example, in Turkey you could get a prepaid package, good for 30 days, scratch the card, 35 Euro unlimited transfer. I don’t see why any other country cannot do the same, except that they want to make as much money as possible. I would assume that voice takes up much more bandwidth than measly internet, but they charge ridiculous prices for internet because people think its so futuristic or something. I’d like the EU to crush these monopolistic greedy arses.

Postcards still a nice way to communicate

A friend of mine wanted to send me something so I dug up an address for him, and then a goofball idea occurred to me if you wanted to send me a postcard or something:

4710 Shiroka Laka, Cmolian

Just for fun – no stress of course. Recently sent Jana another round of postcards that I collected during my recent trip to Czech, so hope she got them all. Being the total computer geek that I am I often find it a miracle that the archaic postal system actually works. I mean, for only pennies that a piece of paper can travel around the world, pass through so many hands etc., and then be delivered right to its final destination. Can’t believe the thing still operates. Heard of a system where you can go online, choose a lovely postcard, write some text, pay by credit card, then it gets printed out on the receiving end and the local post office delivers it. THAT seems more possible. Anyway, will be here till the beginning of January. Waiting for some payments and if they don’t come through soon may have to be a Bulgarian labourer chopping down trees for a few days. But that wouldn’t bother me – think it would be just another cool twist to my travels. lateroo

Earnings getting low, may have to plant trees or work in reconstruction

Jana got your postcards and was very happy. Very.  Very.  But I am not happy after your last letter.  You got me really worried.  Make your money with your brain which is very good.  To cut trees in Bulgaria, in the winter is absolutely crazy!.  You are not even equipped.  It is highly dangerous work even here where it is controlled.  Planting trees is a boys game compared with being a lumberjack.  I am so upset I can not even write you a normal letter.  Had to correct about every second word.  Do not be crazy.  You had all those plans with your program, with translating….  Now you have internet, you have a warm room so work on that.  You did before and very well.

thinking of you constantly.  Be well.

The guy said I’d probably be just a regular labourer. Anyway, I’ve now got about 860 Euro owed to me, which should last me more than two months. At the start of January I should be at my friend’s house in eastern Bulgaria, where I will not pay for rent and can help him with reconstruction as well (although at half the rate what Roger was paying for me). But at least enough to cover food, and probably he will not be pressuring me to work more, so a few hours a day could be plenty. The problem is that translation companies can always be so dam slow about payment, and I expect some payment soon, so I MAY have to do this labour work just to get a bit of food cash to hold me over. The pension lady trusts me and said I can pay her once I get the money, even if it takes me a few months. I’ve already paid her about a hundred Euro, so I don’t owe her that much. So things are not catastrophic like you always imagine. Furthermore, when I was working for Roger I already learned how to use a chain saw. Sometimes I would have to tie myself to a tree while standing on a ladder. I was cutting mirabels, so obviously much smaller than regular trees, but regular trees here are much smaller than Canadian ones. I’ve also been axing logs for people here for firewood occasionally – for people I know and they would give me food. I’m not a little boy and can take care of myself. I’ve actually got good balance from gymnastics and sporting my entire life. Anyway, hopefully some money will come in soon.

Glad Jana is happy about the postcards and don’t worry. 🙂

Speaking of Jana, recently read a BBC article that Linux came out with some new operating system made for older people who have no experience with computers. Totally simple and for emails and stuff, so could have offered to install that if was at Jana’s. Or I later thought of a way how she could easily check her mail at an internet cafe. I found a nice one near to where she lives. I wonder if she even checks her mail now. Every day I would teach her how to do it and every other day I would  have to do it again. Wrote the most simple instructions for her yet she wouldn’t get it each time. Which is why I thought it was ironic when she seemed to be condescending to me like I’m some total moron.

Anyway, back to my work! Will be sending you a scam warning soon. My latest mini project. lateroo

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