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This site was inspired by a group of foreigners and Thais who gathered together because they wanted to do something to help save this island's beautiful nature. It is still being worked on but you should already find lots of useful and green information.


Their aim is to promote eco tourism on this island as a means to help preserve its beautiful nature. They have started by growing their own vegetables in the hotel's backyard and buying food from local farmers – who are rather rare on the island. If local Thais see there is a demand among a certain percentage of tourists who are eco/green minded, they may mimic the group's behaviour and start buying from local farmers, helping the island move towards self-sufficiency. This island is actually on a limited list of locations the king is contemplating whether to make entirely self-sufficient (electricity through solar power, water and so forth).


There is also a famous monk on the island who has spent more than 20 years discovering the soothing qualities of nature and trying to preserve this island's nature. More on that later and the waterfall park he saved.


 I like this island, have decided to stay here longer term and have enjoyed checking out some of its nature trails. I have long felt that if the trails were better marked and known more tourists might enjoy them and, in the process, develop a greater respect for the island (and subsequently pollute less and be less wasteful while here). After learning of the above through the group's meetings I decided I will contribute to their efforts by making this eco-oriented website for koh phangan. A place showing where to get all sorts of green stuff, like flax oil, colloidal silver, organic foods, recycle bins and establishments which care about nature. The power of the dollar in your pocket and your purchase choice is able to change the world. Any revenues from sponsored ads would go towards the printing costs of brochures, which could serve as a vehicle to help spread news around the island of the group's eco efforts and inform arriving tourists of how they can make a difference (or just where to get green things).


I myself have been traveling around the world for the past 6 years while running my business through the internet on my little netbook. koh-phangan-thailand-eco-tourism-green-resort-Africa-charity-solar-panels_2 Five years in Europe in my home-made caravan, complete with solar panels on roof and internet through mobile phone, or antenna boosted wifi signal.

Wherever I go I like to give some back of what I have received, and express appreciation for each location, so I am happy to be involved in this project.


Another project I have started and so far only been involved in remotely is the Africa Charity Project. If I can survive for 5 years in a converted truck, led lighting and enough juice to work until the morning, why cannot an African village totally off the grid? Desktop computer converted to 12V feeding directly off of one solar panel, led lit village so children can study at night (apparently a major problem in rural Africa), a bus ride to a larger village once a week and usb memory stick in hand to send off work from an internet café.


Well, getting involved on different levels certainly beats just making money all the time on my computer. If you have any suggestions for this site please feel free to contact me.


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