Green Shopping List

Where to get the green stuff not sold in regular stores.


On the Baan Tai road starting from the three way intersection in Thongsala head towards Haad Rin or Baan Tai. You pass the 711 on your left and not much farther you get to a big open market, also on the left. If you are lucky you can pay 200 baht to the police across the street, so wear your helmet. As you stare at the market, to the left of it is a big building which appears to sell household appliances. But at the back, to the right as you enter, is a whole store of organic goodies.

Baking soda, organic oats and grains, special rice, big bags of sesame seeds, seaweed, organic honey, you name it.

  Italian Gourmet Store

When you drive out of Thongsala's Lotus/Tesco onto the main drag, hang a left and about the third shop you'll see this store on your left hand side. So practically in front of Tesco. The only thing I found particularly useful in Tesco is its Jasmine Rice Vinegar. Tasty for home-made salads and cheap.

Cheap big bottles of olive oil, red and white wine, blue cheese, Dijon mustard, home-made pesto.

  Workout Gym

On the main exit road from Thongsala heading towards Chalaklam. This road starts at one of the Tesco exits.

Whey powder. The biggest protein bang for your buck and adds a nice sweet flavour to salad.

  Ananda Resort

As you drive along the water towards SriThanu, north of Thongsala on the west side of the island, a few km before you get to SriThanu you will see the Yoga resort on your right hand side.

Noni Oil. Great for healing any skin wounds. It's other restaurant in Srithanu, further north up the coast, has a Yogi shop.

  The Peppercorn Restaurant

If coming from Thongsala, the Peppercorn is just before you get to the 711 in Srithanu turn right at the intersection and in about one to two hundred metres you will find this restaurant on the right hand side.

Coconut oil and colloidal silver, the latter of which is great for fighting skin infections and to help the body's immune system in general.

  Hammock Lover's Gallery

On the left hand side of the long stretch between Thongsala and Baan Tai, going in the direction of Baan Tai.

Almost all of this guy's hammocks are hand made by disadvantaged groups in rural Thailand. Very good quality and will last longer. A green purchase to consider and take back home.



There are certainly many restaurants out there serving delicious salads and other veggie and healthy foods, but they will have to wait until I learn of them. Until then just a shortlist of my known green ones and those that struck me.

But before you start getting fancy with your restaurants, why not consider making something yourself occasionally? You can save money and eat much healthier. The healthiest foods are raw veggies and fruits. From a hardware or domestic goods store you can get cheap metal bowls which can fit into each other and into a backpack without barely taking up any room. A few spoons, forks, a small cutting board and you're done. Get an empty pickle jar and use it for mixing your salad dressing, into which I like to put pesto, blue cheese, Dijon mustard, black ground pepper, sea salt, cumin/caraway seeds (available at Tesco or the food market strip in Thongsala), olive oil and filled almost to the top with diced garlic. You don't need a fridge for that and it will taste great in three days. Just seal and try not to eat directly out with a licked spoon. Add more cumin, pepper and sea salt to your salad, mix in sesame seeds and whey powder (for protein and nice sweet taste), then add two table spoons of your evil brew and top that up with olive oil and jasmine rice vinegar from Tesco. Perhaps a squeeze or two of lime. Mix in the juices for a few minutes and then keep mixing through while eating. You can mix in other nuts and play around with it. Very healthy eating and you can make it anywhere. Blue cheese will last well in olive oil, even at warm temperatures.



Don't eat out so much, especially in hongsala, but just thought I'd mention... go to main 711 next to the open night market. Walk into that market area and take your first left – a back alley. About half way down to the end of that alley, the last shop on the right before open field is where one works who I like to call Giggly, as she never seems to fail every time I visit. She seems to have three menus, so a large selection and she'll probably cook anything you'll ask for. Tasty, not expensive and you can get beers across the alley, from the smiley grocery guy with the cheapest beers in town.


Yoga heads galore sprout out like popcorn in these parts, so you can guarantee there'll be shops catering to them.

  Ananda Wellness Resort

Where they play live music jam sessions on Sunday nights, just south of Srithanu along the water, opposite side of the road from the water. They're an agama yoga retreat, so you can bet they will serve proper veggie stuff.

They also have another restaurant, on the same side (right) just past the Peppercorn on the way out of Srithanu.

  Bamboo Hut

A nice woman I'm helping make webpages and menu etc. for in exchange for delicious food and beers. Ultra delicious indeed, and she devised her menu according to the suggestions of some yoga people (for Vegans, but across the board Thai as well). The ultra salad is from yours truly.

  Ladda Restaurant

Well I did say struck me, didn't I? This place makes it spicier for me than anyone else, and I find it delicious. Relaxing up on the raised patio part, free internet, good wholesome cooking.

Well, that's it. I've never been disappointed with any food in Asia, but struck is struck. If you know of other places where to get green goodies let me know!