Tent Area C (Community)

Area C does not have any beachfront space but it’s a nice open area under a larger tree with room for 5 tents in close proximity and 2 nearby. It has an open space for a campfire in the back, sheltered from the wind, and tree space for at least one hammock. Suitable for groups. All tents in this area are for 400p one person or 600p if two people in one tent (4-600p).

The entrance:

The above path from the beach, with the first tent space, C2, below.

A shot of the open space under the big tree below:

The tent space where the above tent is shown, with another space behind it (C6):

The path leading to the last two tent spaces, C7 and C8, before connecting to area D:


A shot from C7 back to the big open space.

C8 viewed from D3:

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