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The War on Drugs is a War on the People

Typical Divide and Conquer Strategy

Perhaps some food for thought. This is a culmination of many articles in different perspectives that I have read over the years, wandering thoughts, and now this article has crystalised things in my mind:

an excerpt here:

For example, in 1995, the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted a massive scientific study of cocaine and its effects.

They discovered that,

“experimental and occasional use are by far the most common types of use, and compulsive/dysfunctional [use] is far less common.”

The U.S. government threatened to cut off funding to the WHO unless they suppressed the report.


I am now convinced that “the war on drugs” is not because of some saintly government that cares about it’s people with it’s aspirations to build a righteous state wholeheartedly serving God and everything divine, but rather it is a war of the 1% on the rest of humanity. As the above report shows, 90% of drug users take it recreationally. They do not turn into addicts. It is their bloody business what they put in and do with their own bodies. Many psychadelic drugs, like magic mushrooms, which grow naturally in nature, expand the mind. Shamans, the religious leaders of the past, would almost always dabble in these things. Governments do not want us to experiment with our minds because it wakes us up to how we are being manipulated and dumbed down by everything. And the 10% that become addicts are probably in that position precisely because of this war on the people, throwing young kids into jail with rapists and murderers because of a joint and destroying their lives. Anyone who is addicted to any substance should be dealt with kindness and helped. That could reduce the 10% to 0. I am sure most politicians will snort coke at their parties. Everyone does it. By getting the police to war against the common person, they are diving and conquering society in yet another way. What concerns marijuana, to classify that next to heroin is absolutely absurd. It is a calming herb. People who smoke dope are pacificists and rarely aggressive, unlike alcohol, which destroys the body and is harmful to the brain. The more I read and wake up to what is going on around me, the more I see how most of humanity is in a total daze, brainwashed by the TV and media, which the 1% pretty well own outright. For maybe half a year I’ve been paying close attention to any movie I have watched and see the subliminal messages there. everyone watches TV with wide open eyes, knowing it is make belief, but still absorbing it like some sort of reality. Like they want to be entertained, so they let go of their mind and want to live in the movie for a couple of hours. be someone else, live a fantasy. but when letting go of one’s mind voluntarily in this way, it opens our subconsciousness to manipulation. it is very subtle and powerful. not every movie, but a lot, and I can see how it can be a very powerful tool to shape public opinion in general. I remember after 911 how CNN reported that Bush called together Hollywood to discuss strategy. I made a careful note of this and noticed that, about a year later, which is the time it takes to make a movie, there were NO MORE movies about Russia the evil empire and EVERYTHING shifted to the middle east as the source of all evil, depicting the muslims in the most horrible light. and that is where all the fighting is now. war makes money for the 1%, and of course they also have their agenda of world domination. I see how it is all unfolding and most of humanity is in a daze, believing that everything is basically okay. I could be back in pre WW2 Germany and pointing to the rise of Hitler but get the same response. Most people just don’t want to make waves and would rather believe in fairy tales than to trouble themselves with the truth or justice. Glad where I am at now and to soon embark on an island hopping tour, where I hope to establish good relations with the poor people in these rural areas. Cause it will be a great place to hide when the shit goes down. Don’t know when that will be but strongly suspect during my lifetime. At least you can rest assured that I will be safer than some place like Vancouver, or any other city. I will have ample fish from the sea on some small island difficult to get to by the army and can hide in the jungle or something, with the help of locals of course. I also hope to help them set up free schools running on solar, as per my Africa charity project that I’ve been working on for so long, so that should win me favour with a lot of people. the filipinos are very kind people, especially in these island areas, so I should be safer than almost anywhere else in the world me thinks. well, if I get off the grid completely I guess, cause I’m sure the nsa has already red labelled me because of my posts on facebook, and they’ll always be able to pinpoint me as soon as I turn on my phone, for example.

anyway, just wanted to vent some thoughts before I start my day. 🙂

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