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Sept. 14 update with pics, upcoming plans, still on the island

Just uploaded another round of pictures to
More or less the same but always beautiful things to find.

Have started making preparations for the big bike trip, which I hope to launch around end April, assuming I’ll have everything ready by then. Such as four waterproof big bicycle bags which I plan to strap to the sides, but it’s been more than 20 days and I’m wondering if someone in the postal chain found themselves an early Christmas present. Have been discovering the wonders of ebay and amazon, but usually they send with a tracking code. That would set me back some $300 bucks and potentially delay things, unless I can convince the company to send me some new ones in exchange for promotion.

Madman hits the road again.

I’m also saving up for a GoPro Hero3 black, top of the line, super video quality, low light capabilities, can plunge 60m down. Strap to head while riding or diving. Hope to frequently upload little video clips, as I drive slowly through busy markets, or conceal it in a hand bag while strolling.

To get notified of uploaded videos, as I started to do that weekly, filming a lot of the local music scene here, or interesting circumstances, might be best to subscribe to my youtube channel at my youtube account, or through the usual suspects (facebook, twitter etc.). Sis has gotten busy with some work and won’t be able to resume editing the book until around October. That will wrap up Bulgaria and we can start moving into Asia. Trying to promote it according to various suggestions, mostly like a hobby but the thought that I could derive an income by traveling means that I can glean myself away from the computer and focus on local charities, which would make the story that much more interesting. Imagine, getting paid to interact with locals while traveling – wow.

New jam music scenes have sprouted all over, as the locals are learning it is a good way to draw in a crowd, which has enabled and motivated me to play the viola more. Difficult instrument and a long way to go, but I see that better playing would facilitate the traveling. People often ask whether there is a small guitar in my case. When I say viola their eyes bulge open in fascination, and soon enough I’m playing at a wedding somewhere in the country. And once you network like that, soon enough you’re suggested an itinerary of great places you just have to visit. Float around like a leaf, with a general plan. My general plan at the moment is to take a boat to the diver’s island just north, Koh Tao. Check that out for a few days and continue northward, halfway up the coast to Bangkok. From there loop through the mountains west around Bangkok, squiggle through Laos and Cambodia to arrive in North Vietnam by the winter. Where I’m told the people are super duper nice. Stay there until spring and continue on through China, Tibet, Nepal, India back into Thailand and the rest of Asia before continuing on to ozzie land. More details at http://travelgoof.com/south-east-asia-motorbike-tour.html, which is my sales pitch to various companies for funding (Red Bull as financer, or gopro etc. for free goodies).

On another note, for promoting the book, sis suggested I start a sort of blog of unique, cultural things I come across during my journeys. Little tidbits by day or week that might shed some insight onto the different perspectives viewed on this beautiful planet of ours.

Other than that it’s been mostly a spiritual and healing journey on this island. Which sits on a bed of crystals and most say they feel like they have crossed into a vortex of energy channeling out of the earth. Attracting all sorts of healers, musicians, artists and an abundance of eccentrics. I may have not moved much geographically, especially since I am here on a student visa, learning Thai in exchange for not having to go anywhere, for an entire year. Which makes one feel at home, not constantly worried about short visa extensions (quite a nightmare sometimes). It has been fun learning a sixth, but exotic language, and opened up some interesting doors locally, but the journey burns on, albeit mostly in my heart.

Looking forward to hitting the road again and hope you are all well!

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