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Suggested travel tour routes through the Philippines

Because this country with its more than 7,000 islands and many many wonders is simply too large to see all the good sites in a two week vacation, we have broken it down into various possible route suggestions. You can click on the maps for a larger version. All routes assume a two week vacation, although you can easily add side excursions if staying longer.​​

First timers, best of the bunch

Only got two weeks and want to see the best of the best? A lot of flying but a blast of an adventure!


Cream of the crop, less travel, more local

Palawan is considered the jewel of the country, but you can also see Boracay, which is the country’s most famous tourist destination, and other great sites within a closer regional area.

Visayas special

There’s a lot to see in this center and heart of the country, so if this is your second time coming to the Philippines, we’d suggest this to be your first choice.

Palawan and Mindoro

Time to visit the three years renowned and voted best island in the world! Tour can include Boracay.


Our fourth pick would be Mindanao, still tons to see and can include Siargao.


Rice fields, ancient tattoo artists, this country never stops putting out!

Panay Island

Home of the country’s most famous resort island of Boracay, Panay Island itself has much to offer. An ideal visit for those who have already seen much of the country and want to see something new. 

Or experience the best of the Philippines with a custom private or group boat tour through the pristine waters and beaches of Palawan, an off the beaten path linking the two popular hot spots of El Nido and Coron:

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Adventure sites in the Philippines

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