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Upside Down Moonwalk

I’ll start off this category with my favourite reflection. Although it’s not really a reflection in the perceptive, but rather physical sense, and although it doesn’t really have that much to do with traveling or differences between cultures.

But traveling allowed me the opportunity to stumble on this perception, as I probably would not have come across it back home.

When I was in Cyprus, at one of my lengthy poverty runs, one of my sole forms of entertainment is to take my goggles and go for a swim. I jog a few km down the beach and make my way back, occasionally swimming along some of the nicer coral reefs. Once I make it back to home base I occasionally drift for a while in the wavy sea, and one day I discovered myself upside down, looking “down” at my feet, tickled by the underside of the waves, as I hover there. I imagine I am right-side up in a universe which is a reflection of our own. It is eerily quiet as the ripples beneath my feet reflect light into my world, dissipating into the increasing darkness above me. My hands are by my side, like gills on a fish, fluttering from side to side, like little propellers which hold me into place in this gravitation-free dimension. I flutter my hands differently now, maintaining myself at the right height but shifting my body backwards, while my feet mimic Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.

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