São Paulo

São Paolo: Fun Facts

Fun facts about São Paulo

São Paulo… The city where culture is the main aspect. At a population of 12 million, São Paulo is the largest city in the Latin America. It is a vibrant city speckled with tasteful street art and where they close some boulevards for pedestrian-only traffic on the weekends to allow for bands and street art vendors.

São Paulo, Brazil, wall art
Street art in Batman Alley

That being said, it is the largest tourist destination in Brazil, with 12.5 million tourists per year.

São Paulo has the biggest number of cultural attractions in South America, with 110 museums, 40 cultural centers, 80 libraries, 280 movie rooms and 160 theaters. It has some of the best nightclubs, including D-Edge, the 8th best in the world.

São Paulo, Brazil, good dining
The famous feijoada

São Paulo is one of the main gastronomic capitals of the world, with 12500 restaurants and 52 types of cuisine. They have DOM, the 6th best restaurant in the world.

Despite being a big city, São Paulo has indigenous villages in Environmental Preservation Areas, located in the south of the city, which can be visited.

São Paulo has within its city limits an indigenous reservation of the Guarani tribe. Approximately 900 members of the tribe live in a 532-hectare region known as the Pico do Jaragua, in the Northern region of the city. In 2015 the Federal Government declared the area as a new indigenous reserve, recognizing it as traditional tribal lands.

São Paulo, Brazil, drinking beer
My husband enjoying the sun while having his beer

There are many outdoor cafes and the city is surprisingly chill and safe, but according to some advice posted on tripadvisor, it might be best to hold tightly onto your smartphone as you use it, or do not leave it laying on your table next to the sidewalk when eating, as these devices are very expensive in the country due to high import taxes, resulting in higher petty theft. But we’ve seen many locals walking freely with them and we ourselves have not experienced any problems.

São Paulo, Brazil, museum

Their night hours are busy: there are restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets and even gyms and courses that do not stop at dawn. It is a 24-hour city. So whenever you feel hungry at night, you have plenty of places to buy food from.

São Paulo, Brazil, street artists
This artist smiled at the camera when he noticed I was taking a photo of him painting

In Paulista Avenue, the heart of the city, all tribes meet: skaters, bikers, roller skaters, Le Parkour enthusiasts, people singing, painting, protesting or selling handicraft and antiques.

São Paulo, Brazil, hand made souvenirs
Hand-made paper rolls as fridge magnet souvenir

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