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Paraty: Things To Do

paraty brazil, side street

Things to do in Paraty, Brazil

Paraty has been one of the famous tourist destinations of foreigners or even locals who want to have a short break from the hassle in the city. It is roughly 4 hours by bus from Rio to get there.

History of Paraty, Brazil

The village of Paraty was founded in 1597. It was established formally as a town by Portuguese colonists in 1667, in a region populated by the Guaianás Indians. The Guaianás people who lived where the city now stands called the entire area “Paraty”.

Wander around the Historical Center

Things to do in Paraty, Brazil, street

Beautiful colorful historical houses in town

Exploring the historical center of Paraty is a must and makes up an important part of the town’s charm and heritage. The Portuguese legacy is etched into the buildings’ architect that preserves the distinct colonial design of white houses with brightly colored door and window frames, and the cobbled streets that connect them. When you are there, you might think you are in another world. Do not forget to bring your camera with you, make some instagrammable pose and take some postcard photos.

Chill on the Beach in Barra do Corumbê

Things to do in Paraty, Brazil, barra de corumbe

This small beach offers splendid views across the bay and is a good spot for a family day out, especially with young kids as the water is calm, clean and shallow. There are few restaurants on the beach with massive choices in the menu. Oh, you might need to think twice before ordering several dishes because each serving is huge that we ordered only one dish but we had to bring the leftover back in our hostel.

Sample Some Fine Cachaça at the Local Distilleries

Paraty is famous for its locally-made cachaça and is celebrated at the Festival da Pinga, usually held in August. The local distilleries are worth a visit to sample some high-quality cachaça and bring back some bottles as souvenirs.

Slide Down a Waterfall

Looking for some adrenaline-rushing adventure? This activity is perfect for you.

Things to do in Paraty, Brazil, slide down waterfall
Locals having fun with the natural slide in Paraty

Cachoeira do Toboga is the most famous waterfall close to the town. It’s a giant smooth rock forming natural toboggan which you can slide down. It’s best to experience this waterfall during the rain or shortly after as it is in its best when it rains. It may look scary on your first glance but it is fun. I was not able to try it because I am pregnant but my husband did.

Things to do in Paraty, Brazil, more sliding down waterfall

He certainly looked like he had so much fun. It is better and safer to slide down in a sitting position especially if it is your first time, unlike locals who had done it so many times which made them an expert by stand-sliding the rock like they were surfing.

Go Shopping in Paraty, Brazil

Things to do in Paraty, Brazil, items selling on street

There are so many local artists in Brazil who love to do hand-made crafts. In Paraty, while wandering around the historical houses, you will find a lot of stores selling handicrafts. There are some colored wooden boats, jewelries made of coins and clays and a lot more. If you are travelling long term, it is better to buy something small and light.

Things to do in Paraty, Brazil, more items selling on the street

Ride a Carriage

Things to do in Paraty, Brazil, horse and carriage

Enjoy a relaxing ride on a horse-drawn carriage as you travel through time in the colonial town of Paraty. Your best bet is to head to the pier near the church, where you can usually find horsemen around.

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