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 Which islands do you go to and what all is included in your boat tours?


You can check out the middle section of the itinerary suggestions page for an idea of which islands you can go to. We do have suggested stops, but if you hire your own boat, or form a group and come to an agreement with them, you are basically in charge of where you want to go. If you deviate significantly, worst case you just need to pay some extra for increased gas costs. 

You can combine it with fishing, hiking/biking through jungle trails, snorkeling, diving and any of the other possibilities found on the services page. 

Most of the boat tour operators live in the Linapacan area, so it is not a problem to pause your tour and enjoy this area before moving on. After all, at least a piece of your vacation should be about relaxing on empty beaches and getting away from it all. While here you can also visit our kitesurfing nature resort for some serious sports, or to play music around the campfire with our many instruments.

Food is usually 100p per meal and usually comprises of fresh seafood, rice, and sometimes veggies. Alternatively, in El Nido or Coron you can pick up veggies and fruits from the local market (the selection can be sparse in the Linapacan area) and prepare dishes on the boat (there is a bbq cooker) or ask the staff to make something special for you. 

Due to licensing issues we generally do not service El Nido lagoons, but we can for Culion and the Coron area.

Some of the meals can be at the homes of rural island villages for the same price.

You can sleep on the boat for free, or in a bed on land for 300p (or 400p if two people sharing a bed). This is usually at someone's home, but there are also homestays or small hotels in some of the larger villages. Same price to rent a tent if staying on a deserted island, while some islands charge 100p extra per person to stay on them.